Yasiel Puig had an error-filled Game 6 (Video)

Yasiel Puig gloveFew MLB players have been as controversial this season as Yasiel Puig. Some love him for his hustle, speed, power bat and power arm, and overall enthusiasm. Others say he is cocky, immature, celebrates too much, and makes stupid errors in the field or on the bases.

I like Puig’s talent and love the overall energy he brings, but some of his mistakes remind me too much of Vladimir Guerrero and are just maddening. Friday night was one of those bad nights.

While Puig silenced most of his critics during the NLDS, he gave them plenty of ammo in the NLCS, especially during Game 6. Puig made three poor plays in the field that helped St. Louis Cardinals base runners move up a base. He was charged with an error on two of the plays. Only one of the errors may have cost the Dodgers a run, but the plays were examples of what leads to the criticism of the Cuban outfielder.

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Puig’s first mistake came on Carlos Beltran’s RBI single in the bottom of the second. Puig made an off-balanced lollipop throw into home, which allowed Beltran to advance to second on the throw instead of staying at first.

Later in the inning, Puig airmailed a throw home on Shane Robinson’s 2-run single to make it 4-0. One could argue that a throw on the money might have had David Freese at the plate and kept the score at 3-0, but I think that would have been tough. His throw to the backstop allowed the Cardinals runners to move up to second and third, but Clayton Kershaw struck out Michael Wacha with the based loaded to end the inning.

Then in the fifth, Puig misplayed a single to right by Yadier Molina, allowing the catcher to take second.

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Puig’s errors didn’t really affect the outcome — the Dodgers lost 9-0 — but this is exactly what people are talking about when they mention Puig’s shortcomings. Manager Don Mattingly talked about teaching Puig some maturity, but I don’t think this sort of thing will change. I think these types of plays are just part of who Puig is. He plays with a lot of intensity, so you just have to take the good with the bad and get used to it.

Yasiel Puig lost a ball in the sun

Yasiel PuigSome people have been waiting all playoffs for Yasiel Puig to make the kind of error in the field that he made during the regular season. For the most part, the Los Angeles Dodgers fielder has avoided bad plays that made guys like Jon Jay and Evan Gattis headlines. But Puig did miss a ball to start the ninth inning in Game 5 of the NLCS on Wednesday to give the St. Louis Cardinals a shot at a comeback.

Puig missing the ball gave Matt Holliday a leadoff double. Holliday then scored on an RBI single from Matt Adams. The Cards added another run, but the Dodgers closed it out and held on for the 6-4 win.

So about that ball Puig missed. As you could see, the sun was clearly in his eyes. Despite wearing sunglasses on the bright Southern California day, he lost the ball in the sun and had to look away at the last second to avoid getting hit. Sure it sounds like a Little League excuse, but it was legitimate. Los Angeles Times reporter Dylan Hernandez even said after the game that Puig said he lost the ball in the sun. Hey, it happens. Luckily it didn’t cost them.

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Carlos Beltran on Yasiel Puig: He still thinks he’s playing in Cuba

Yasiel-Puig-arm-raiseLos Angeles Dodgers outfielder Yasiel Puig stole the show in his team’s Game 3 NLCS win over the St. Louis Cardinals on Monday night. He deserved the spotlight after delivering an RBI triple to give LA a 2-0 lead in the 4th inning, but it was his reaction to the hit that set the internet on fire.

After stroking the ball to the opposite field off Cardinals pitcher Adam Wainwright, Puig flipped his bat, raised his arms in the air and began to stroll down the first base line. The rookie clearly thought he had blasted a homer, only to have to kick it into high-gear to leg out the triple after seeing the ball carom off the right field wall.

As you might expect, a number of St. Louis players were critical of Puig’s antics after the game. One of them was Carlos Beltran, who implied the pimping of the triple shows that Puig still thinks he’s playing in Cuba.

“He still thinks he’s playing somewhere else,” Beltran said, according to USA Today’s Bob Nightengale. “I don’t know.”

Puig essentially admitted that his years of playing in Cuba have led to his flare for the dramatic.

“In Cuba, you always see a lot of emotion on the field,” he said. “It’s their job to go out there and do the best they can, just like here in the big leagues. The people in Cuba are born to play baseball.”

He also expressed no regret for pimping a triple.

“I wouldn’t have scored either way, regardless of what happened on the play.”

I suppose that’s true, but he also wouldn’t have looked like a moron. Between Beltran’s comments about Puig and Wainwright’s criticism of Adrian Gonzalez celebrating his RBI double, it’s starting to sound like we officially have an emotional playoff series on our hands.

Yasiel Puig pimps triple, thought he hit home run (GIF)

Yasiel Puig got his first hit of the NLCS on Monday, and he did it in typical, controversial and hilarious form.

Puig punished a ball to right field off Adam Wainwright and immediately threw his arms in the air and did a pose because he thought his ball was gone. As soon as he realized the ball might not be going out of the park, he started running towards first. Naturally, the ball bounced off the top of the right field wall in front of the visitors’ bullpen, so Puig started to book it. He ended up with an RBI triple to make it 2-0 Los Angeles Dodgers over the St. Louis Cardinals in Game 3.

“It makes you shake your head a little,” said Don Mattingly after the half inning.

Yes, yes it does.

Man, look at this pose:

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Yasiel Puig ruins TBS camera with Gatorade bath (Video)

Yasiel Puig Gatorade camera

Yasiel Puig fried a TBS videocamera while celebrating the Los Angeles Dodgers’ Game 4 NLDS victory over the Atlanta Braves on Monday. The Cuban outfielder, who delivered a leadoff double in the eighth and scored the tying run on Juan Uribe’s 2-run home run, decided to dump Gatorade on Uribe during the third baseman’s postgame interview. Unfortunately, Puig took a poor angle and dumped the Gatorade from behind the camera. The camera’s picture instantly warped like a Scooby Doo ending and the shot turned green. TBS switched to another working camera.

You can watch it happen in the video and GIF below:

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Yasiel Puig dressed as Gumby for rookie hazing


Los Angeles Dodgers outfielder Yasiel Puig rapidly emerged as one of the biggest superstars in the league this season, but he is still a rookie. And rookies have to dress up in stupid costumes and embarrass themselves. That’s just the way the MLB life works.

On Thursday night, Puig and a couple of his fellow Dodgers rookies had to prance around in ridiculous costumes. Puig drew the pleasure of having to go as Gumby. We know that is Yasiel because some other pictures on his Instagram account show him with the head part off. Puig was accompanied by a penguin, the Pillsbury Doughboy, a naughty nurse and others. He even got to pose for a photo with legendary broadcaster Vin Scully.

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Yasiel Puig did The Worm to celebrate NL West title (Video)

Yasiel Puig is one of the best players on the Los Angeles Dodgers, and he’s also one of the best dancers on the team. After the Doyers clinched the NL West with a comeback win over the Arizona Diamondbacks on Thursday, Puig broke out his best dance moves.

The Cuban outfielder cleared out some space in the clubhouse and busted out The Worm. He also did a funny jig with his legs too that was almost as good as Jonathan Papelbon’s drunk dance.

I just hope we get to see him break out the Running Man if they win the NLCS.

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