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Monday, November 30, 2015

Articles tagged: Yi Jianlian

Lakers reportedly tried to bring Yi Jianlian back to the NBA

These days, former No. 6 overall pick Yi Jianlian is 30 years old and a punchline in NBA circles, widely considered to be one of the biggest draft busts of all-time. Ever since the Milwaukee Bucks selected him in the lottery over Joakim Noah in 2007, all Yi did was bounce around four different teams…Read More

Talk to me, Yi! Everything I Say is Important!!

After watching this video with some peeps last weekend, it hit me that there are some people who still have not seen it. It may be long, but it’s well worth your six minutes of time. I’m telling you. This is a dude heckling Stephen A. Smith and various NBA prospects at the ’07 NBA…Read More

Welcome to Milwaukee, Yi

The wait is finally over. America can now rest. The savior has arrived. Yi Jianlin has officially signed with the Bucks! Sure, all it took was a little bit of stalking on Milwaukee’s behalf, but hey, the I’s have been dotted, and T’s crossed. Oh yeah, and perhaps the most important detail, we finally get…Read More

Morning Paper: Where Could Yi Be?

Bidding a farewell to Yi, we hardly knew ya [Mile High Ramblings] Can the Yankees still win the AL East? [Complete Sports] Could Don Imus be back on the air? [Nyjer Please] Amanda Bynes looks great no matter what [Just Jared] The World Series of Poker payouts are ridiculous [Sons of Sam Malone] Hmm, what…Read More

The Bucks Are Officially Stalking Yi

It’s like getting a number from a drunk chick at a bar. You call her a few days later and she quickly gets off the phone, because after all, she was drunk when you met her. Then you call the next day and get voice mail. Day after that, same result. Pretty soon, you get…Read More

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