Johnny Manziel has new Drake OVO wrist tattoo

Johnny Manziel Drake OVO wrist tattoo

Looks like Johnny Manziel is even closer to rapper Drake than some of us realized.

We knew that Manziel was a big Drake fan, but he made his allegiance to the Canadian rapper permanent by getting “OVO” tattooed on his inner wright wrist this offseason. OVO stands for “October’s Very Own,” which is Drake’s birthday month and the name of his recording label.

The new wrist tattoo was visible on Saturday during Texas A&M’s 52-31 season-opening win against Rice.

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Manziel has been wearing Drake’s OVO gear for several months and called meeting the rapper the highlight of his offseason. When he returned to Twitter in April after a brief self-imposed ban, he did so by quoting Drake lyrics. He also says he learned the most from Drake and felt he related most closely to the rapper during his tumultuous offseason.

The relationship goes two ways; Drake gave Manziel props for the way he handled SEC Media Day in August.

Below are a few more looks at the Johnny Manziel wrist tattoo:

Johnny Manziel Drake OVO wrist tattoo

Manziel also has a bible quote tattooed on his upper right chest, which upset his mother. In fact, Wright Thompson said in his ESPN The Magazine profile on Manziel that the quarterback’s mother cried after her son got the tattoo because the permanent ink did not represent Texas values. I can’t imagine what her reaction was to this tattoo, which further represents the new life Johnny Football has that distances himself from his family.

As far as we know, Manziel has two tattoos — the biblical one on his chest, and this OVO tattoo on his wrist. Manziel also caused a controversy when he got at Longhorns tattoo, but that turned out to be a temporary one.

Too learn more about what Manziel’s OVO tattoo means, read this full explanation.

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