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Thursday, May 24, 2018

Beatrice Bouchard is Genie’s older twin sister and she runs the greatest Instagram account ever

In addition to music, hockey and beer, Beatrice likes bikinis and boats:

And Mexican beers:

And wine:

And bathing suits:

And beer (Stella?):

And bikini tops:

And bloody Marys:

And tanning:

And pub crawls:

And how does she celebrate Christmas?

Even better — how does she celebrate her birthday?

Do you see what I mean?

Look at that cake and look at that birthday burger. Tell me she isn’t the greatest girl on Earth. You know you love her. How can you not?

Beatrice and Genie are two of four Bouchards, by the way.

There is also Charlotte, who is younger by a year, and brother William, who is the baby of the bunch.

If the names seem old-fashioned and regal to you, that’s for a good reason. Genie’s mother, Julie Leclair, has a fixation with royalty and named the twins after Queen Elizabeth II’s granddaughters. Charlotte is named after the daughter of Princess Caroline of Monaco, while William is named after — you guessed it — Prince William.

The good news is the family does not have all the constrictions of the real royal family and the children can actually enjoy themselves. And thank goodness for that — Instagram wouldn’t be nearly as fun without it!

Photo: Instagram/BeatriceBouchard

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