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Sunday, May 20, 2018

Genie Bouchard is single and does not have a boyfriend, Justin Bieber

Genie Bouchard selfie

Genie Bouchard is the emerging star in the women’s tennis world and has already reached the finals of a major at age 20.

The Canadian youngster burst onto the scene at the Australian Open in January, where she reached the semifinals. She also reached the semis of the French Open, and now she’s in the finals at Wimbledon.

She’s awesome, she’s funny, she’s good looking … and she is single. That’s right, fellas, Genie Bouchard does not have a boyfriend.

And that’s what brings me to Justin Bieber.

Bouchard put Bieber on notice during an interview at the Australian Open. Bouchard cited the Biebs as someone she’d like to date when pressed. After reaching the finals at Wimbledon, Bouchard was pressed once again about progress on the Bieber front. Bouchard expressed interest in Bieber once again, but there was a condition: he needs to improve his image first.

But about this potential Bouchard-Bieber pairing … it all makes too much sense.

Bouchard was a teenager growing up in Canada when Bieber was becoming famous. I repeat: she was a teenage girl in Canada when Bieber was blowing up. Bieber is Canadian. Women love him and his music. And Bouchard loves reality trash TV and those sorts of personalities, too.

Bouchard is young, attractive, athletic and successful. You can’t ask for much more, Bieber. She’s much better than Selena Gomez. About the only obstacle here is height; Bouchard is 5-foot-10. Bieber is a shrimp. But that’s easily solved — we can put him in high heels.

If Bieber doesn’t jump on this, he’s definitely missing out. And for her sake, hopefully Bouchard will avoid getting caught up in any bad love triangles. Look no further than Caroline Wozniacki to see evidence of what a bad boyfriend can do to your career. Or look at Maria Sharapova and Grigor Dimitrov to see how it can help. Choose wisely, Genie. Choose wisely.

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