John McEnroe: Rafael Nadal is greatest tennis player ever

Rafael NadalRafael Nadal was stunningly upset in the first round at Wimbledon on Monday 7-6, 7-6, 6-4 by Belgian Steve Darcis, who entered the match ranked No. 135 in the world. It was Nadal’s first time losing in the first round of a grand slam.

Prior to Monday, Nadal was enjoying a great year. The Spaniard returned to action in February after a seven-month absence because of a knee injury. He reached the finals of all nine tournament he played, won seven of them, and entered Wimbledon 43-2 on the year. His strong play this year — highlighted by winning the French Open earlier in the month — had ESPN analyst John McEnroe singing the Spaniard’s praises.

In fact, during a roundtable for ESPN prior to the match, McEnroe even said he was leaning towards Nadal as the greatest player ever.

“This guy is to me, I think you can make an argument right here and now, the greatest player that ever lived,” McEnroe said of Nadal. “If you look at [Rafael Nadal's] record against [Andy] Murray, [Roger] Federer, and [Novak] Djokovic, it’s way better than that.

“He won the Olympics. He’s got Davis Cups — which Roger doesn’t have. I have always said Roger Federer to me was the greatest player that ever lived — certainly the most beautiful player. But I’m going to tell you right here and now there’s a definite argument, I’m starting to lean toward Rafa.”

Despite saying he now leans towards calling Nadal the greatest player ever, McEnroe only gave Nadal the third or fourth-best chance of winning Wimbledon.

To show how much conviction McEnroe had for his bold statement, he even stuck to his declaration after Nadal lost in the first round.

“I’m as shocked as anyone. I never ever expected Steve Darcis to pull off the upset. I’m standing by my greatest ever — everybody has to lose sometime,” said McEnroe.

Nadal is no doubt one of the greatest players ever. He has won 12 grand slams, including a record eight French Open titles, and he is the greatest clay court player of all time. His success is not even limited to clay; Nadal has won Wimbledon twice and each of the hard court grand slams once. He has helped Spain win four Davis Cups, he won the gold medal at the 2008 Summer Games, and he has won 57 career titles.

As for Nadal’s head-to-head records against the other top players in the sport, McEnroe’s overall point is accurate, but it must be acknowledged that the numbers are skewed because Nadal is so dominant on clay.

Nadal leads Federer 20-10. He’s 13-2 against Fed on clay; 6-6 on hard courts (Fed is 4-0 indoors); and 1-2 against Federer on grass. This head-to-head number would be closer to even if Nadal made the finals of more hard court and grass events where Roger would have an advantage.

Nadal leads Djokovic 20-15 head-to-head. Nadal leads 2-1 on grass, 12-3 on clay, and Djokovic leads 11-5 on hard courts. Djokovic actually beat Nadal three straight times in grand slam finals, won seven matches in a row against him, and is the only player to ever beat Nadal twice in a row on clay.

I won’t even bother mentioning Murray because, until recently, he wasn’t on the level of the other three.

Nadal has the head-to-head edge on Federer, but Roger is more accomplished. The Swiss sensation has won a record 17 grand slams. He has been in the top three in the world for 10 years. He has reached 24 grand slam finals, and he made 18 of 19 grand slam finals between 2005 and 2010. He has been the No. 1 player in the world for a record 302 weeks. That’s nearly six years.

Nadal is great. He may surpass some of Federer’s career marks. But, for now, Federer is still the greatest ever.

I think all the freak books have messed with McEnroe’s brain too much.

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  • James Smith

    So a winning HTH (largely influenced by clay court matches) against his three main rivals is more impressive than 17 Grand Slams, 6 Masters Cups, and 302 weeks as World No. 1? Wow. McEnroe really is an idiot.

  • Roy

    I tend to think that this must be personal..
    It’s so logical that for now, Roger is far greater than Nadal.
    Who the Greatest of all time is, is anyway a stupid question as we dont know and never will know how many slams Budge, Vines, Kramer, Pancho, Hoad, Rocket etc would have won and how they would have played on Hard Courts at the Slams etc.

    H2H is never the answer, Mr. McEnroe.
    Its about all the Matchups.
    Your friend and probably more inteliigent compagnion Andre Agassi already explained that several times that H2H is not the answer.. Roger has big troubles with Rafas Game, so what.. but Roger beats the rest more often than Rafa.. thats why he won more – at least for now.

    Over all: Roger won 3times 3 Slams in 1 calendar year (04, 06, 07)
    He was in the finals of all slams in one calendar year 3times as well (06, 07, 09).
    23 straight Slam semis, 302 weeks to 102 weeks is pretty close..

    Davis Cup?! Please.. you dont win DC alone.. and besides.. Switzerland is not the US or Spain.. so its a bit more difficult..

    Its especially very interesting that Mac mentiones DC and Olympics as the 5th most important tournament is the MASTERS.. how many times did Rafa win.. yes.. you’re right.. Johnny.. you won it more often than he did.. but who has this record too..?

    Even rafa once said.. all the Greats won at least once thtis one where you have to beat only the best ones..

    Its very, very stange whta BigMac says.. because it not about opinions, its about numbers.. so.. turn on your brain if you can.

  • Max

    McEnroe is really biased: if Rafa is so great against his fellow top players why couldn’t he win the World Tour Finals? Federer has six of them, five as undefeated champion. I won’t even mention the number of weeks at #1..

  • Ron rogers

    Nadal is the BEST and is only 27, 14 grand slams and counting!!!

  • Ron rogers

    Dumb argument, LOL, when you beat down someones ass head to head you are better,period!!!..LIke ali and frazier!!

  • http://theboomjournal.blogspot.com/ butthurtburt

    well, guess who Federer had to play against to get those 302 weeks?
    Lleyton Hewitt, Marat Safin, Andy Roddick. Now compare that to who Nadal had to face in his entire career: Federer, Djokovic, Murray, del Potro, and so on. Do you see the point? And yet Nadal managed to hold his own… He has a winning record above everyone else. (Well, except for Nikolay Davudenko.)

    Furthermore, won’t we earn our lessons people? We all dismissed him from ever winning after that dreadful 2012 season and yet he proved us wrong in 2013. Which is not the first time he did so if I might add. He defied all odds. Now, doesn’t that count for greatness?

    With federer, it was as if he came, then dominated, then declined. End of story. Predictably. With nadal, he had all these obstacles laid out before him: Great players. Health issues. Family issues. Then new set of great players. Then injuries again. He was always set up to lose before even trying. Yet he comes out victorious.

    I don’t know about you people, but that to me is GREATNESS.