Rafael Nadal booed by fans after returning from treatment for back injury (Video)

Rafael Nadal locker roomThe fans at the Australian Open turned on Rafael Nadal during Sunday’s final after the Spaniard took a break to receive treatment for his back injury during the second set.

Nadal left the court after being down 3-6, 1-2 in his finals match with Stan Wawrinka.

Wawrinka, who had all the momentum, was left to sit around for about seven minutes while waiting for Nadal to return. He voiced his displeasure with the chair umpire — he wanted to be told the reason why Nadal had left the court — and that led to an argument with the umpire.

The fans must have grown restless during the break and could have been upset with what they may have felt was a stall tactic by Nadal, because they booed him when he returned to the court:

Nadal’s back injury was definitely legitimate, so the booing was uncalled for. Nadal was practically in tears, likely because of the injury and the disappointment of getting hurt during such a big match:

After Rafa finally won a game to make it 5-2 in the second set, the fans began to cheer him. They flipped back and supported him more in the third set when he won his serve and then broke Wawrinka, so it obviously didn’t take them long to get over whatever issues they had, but that was pretty crummy of them to turn on him in the first place.

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  • Juliette Kratochvil

    Wow. It’s occurrences like this that make me ashamed to be Australian. And on Australia Day too ironically. Poor Nadal. A true champion should be respected and welcomed, especially if they persevere through the pain to complete a match. That said, a fantastic effort by Wawrinka. Even when Nadal isn’t playing his best tennis he’s still a tough one to crack.

  • CJxGROVEst .

    Australians are disgusting and a disgrace..They don’t even deserve to have a grand slam, half the crowd is there just for the sake of it, not because they are REAL tennis fans

  • jay0337

    Booing a champ like Nadal is bad…No doubt about it……But Nadal has done this in the past where he has taken an injury timeout when he is down and has come back refreshed and played better and the opponents momentum is lost…Everyone, including his fellow players know it which is why Wawrinka could be overheard saying ‘He (Nadal) does this all the time’….This instance he WAS injured and needed that timeout but he has a history of doing this which is what got the crowd and Wawrinka agitated. The agitation is justified though going by history.

    And I think Wawrinka played a good role in this since he was complaining to the chair umpire and was out there ready to serve even before Nadal came back out