Rafael Nadal Burns Fingers on Plate at Japanese Steakhouse

Finally — a bizarre injury that does not involve a baseball player.  We have had our fair share of them in the past, but lately it seems as if MLB players are cursed when it comes to non-sports related injuries.  That was until Rafael Nadal decided to recklessly dine out at a Japanese steakhouse.

According to our friends at Busted Racquet, Nadal burned his hand on a hot plate this week at a hibachi style Japanese restaurant.  If any of you have ever eaten at such a place, you know they make it a point to warn you that the grill surface is hot and to keep your hands away from it.  That warning also applies to plates that have been sitting on the grill.

Nadal’s trainers thought he was joking about the incident until he showed them the blisters on the middle and index fingers of his right hand.  Fortunately Nadal is a lefty and will not miss any time with the injury, but he has had to wear large bandages on his weak hand during play at the Western & Southern Open.

Maybe these pro athletes need to go back to some sort of grade school program?  They could offer classes in pumpkin carving for Brad Gruner, fixing your baseball glove 101 for Chris Narveson, and playing video games for Andy Murray.  Just a thought.

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  • http://twitter.com/thibodauxLA thibodaux

    Rafael Nadal is a god. 

    I don’t care if he does not always win his matches. He always loses with grace and a philosophical attitude.
    I’m just glad he’s out there so all the women of the world can enjoy him, and the many hater males can’t conceal their jealousy of his championship trophies, his wealth, his godlike athleticism, his grace, his winsome honesty, his stormy black eyes & the face once seen, never forgotten. Keep the dreams coming, Rafa. We need you in this grim world of ours.