Serena Williams Is Yoked

I was going through TMZ per usual only to come across a somewhat disturbing photo. They have caught Serena Williams in shall we say, a muscular pose. Check it out for yourself:

There’s no wonder only the likes of LaVar Arrington could handle that. No surprise, my man Michael David Smith has this up at FanHouse as well. Serena is stacked. In a different way. And she straight up puts me to shame.  But it’s OK, I’m comfortable with that.

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  • Brenda

    She is a tennis player who can hit a ball at 123 plus mph what do you expect. Good for her!

  • verily

    There is a picture of Martina Hingis with her arm pressed against her torso to make a shot that looks pretty much like that. Almost any top athlete with their ARM pressing their body will look like that. Martina Hingis’ similar picture was taken just before Martina left for four years because of a foot injury. I remember thinking Martina Hingis looked like POPEYE!

  • serena is sexy

    Serena Williams is a super sexy tennis goddess! The fitter she gets the sexier!

  • Brende

    You know you are so stupid! She yoked in a musclar pose…..How does that sound? duh! stupid…. Your site is a waste of space…no one calls you with tips…You get you crap from tmz and media take out.

  • roadtoad

    She’s acting like most of American blacks who don’t get their way. She bought into the “victim” routine and ran with it. I don’t agree with the bad timing of the foot-fault call but it is “what it is”. Therefore Serena should be sanctioned with a fine and probation. Had Kim Clisters done any of that much less any other white athlete we all know what the outcome would be. So, Serena, take your medicine appropriately……….

  • http://www.LoveAtFirstServe.com Kam Retnasami

    Disgraceful! It’s her middle name, anyway! This is another disgraceful act for attention! What a desperate person! She just doesn’t have the class of a Steffi Graf or a Monica Seles, and never will.