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Saturday, April 21, 2018

Serena Williams still appears to be sick with bug

Serena Williams blanket

Serena Williams has really been milking this whole illness from Wimbledon.

Serena withdrew from her second-round doubles match on Tuesday because she was overall not well. She said she was sick with a “bug,” but few bought that explanation. She was completely messed up and uncoordinated during the match.

A day later, she posted a photo on Instagram showing that she was still in complete recovery mode.

Then on July 4, Serena posted another photo on Instagram. Once again, she was wrapped in her magenta blanket.

Alright, Serena, we get that you’re still sick. But what’s the illness? Are you just going to throw out the blanket for sympathy, or are you going to let people know what’s bothering you? And what about those rumors that you are pregnant?

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