Venus Is Gone, That Didn’t Take Long

Let’s see, your quick French Open recap as the first week almost comes to a close, Andy Roddick lost in the first round, James Blake lost early, and Serena’s looking nasty as hell. And now we can add Venus Williams to the list of players to bid France a quick adieu. Williams no. 1 got dropped by Jelena Jankovic 6-4, 4-6, 6-1 in the third round. Perhaps all you need to know about the match is that Jankovic was seeded fourth in the tournament. When you’re facing a four seed in the third round of a 128 player tournament, that means you didn’t have much respect coming in.

It’s the third tournament of the year that Venus has lost in the third round, and she’s only played in seven of them so far. It’s also the fifth straight Grand Slam in which she’s failed to get past the quarters. Think she’s fallen? I’d say so. It’s been about five years now since Venus was consistently reaching the finals of Grand Slam events. Now, she’s lucky to win four matches in a row. Yeesh.

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  • Gene

    As usual, Venus never gave her opponent any credit, except to say that she was more patient. No Williams sister has yet to give an opponent credit for outplaying them when they lose, and the announcers are too intent on being PC to ever call them out on this.

    Back in the day, we called people who behaved like them poor sports.


  • E. A. Porterfield, Jr

    I noticed that this article was written in June, now that its July and Venus has won the most prestigus tournament, The Championships of Wimbledon, what do you have to say. There is nothing you can say, you were wrong again. The Williams Sister command great tennis talent without going through, what you and other call, conventional methods. They don’t have too. Its been proven time and time again that they are the pentical of the Tennis World. If they want it, you and your petty comments can’t stop them from getting it. Meaning? Championships. Venus, count them 6. Serena count them 8. Venus 4 Wimbledons’s but I guess you should know that, but then again, you don’t seem to know much of anything else.

  • http://larrybrownsport emma royal

    has the right to do what ever she want to

  • http://larrybrownsport emma royal

    leave her alone she happy and playing better

  • odion dixon

    hi venus and serena are no doubt the two best player in the world . these girls have brought entertainment to women tennis and also bring the game to another level. and also there is so much left them both so. venus very beautiful girl you’re. please don’t be foolish hank kuehne is not the guy for you he has alot of baggage carrying with him just be careful. serena get well soon . and thank you for the great show you put on at winbledon 2007. venus you did it again in fine style.
    peace and love all the time.

  • verily

    Gene, that is a BOLD-FACED LIE. Venus and Serena have OFTEN credited their opponents and THOUSANDS or perhaps MILLIONS of people have the PROOF of that via VIDEOTAPED interviews after matches over the years. Strange, though, how Anna Kournikova and Martina Hingis were allowed to say all manner of delusional nonsense about their matches with Venus and Serena and weren’t called on it for the LONGEST. And WHITE MALE players were INSULTING one another OUTRIGHT in the press, with nary a complaint from the great unwashed, teeming masses of America. Yet white-supremacist racist LIARS would immediately PRETEND the Williamses had not been gracious when they had JUST been gracious mere MINUTES before! I say again – LIARS!

  • verily

    Thank you, E.A. Porterfield. Larry Brown is downright EXASPERATING in his IGNORANCE. Venus won Wimbledon and she was brilliant to have written the eloquent letter which led Wimbledon officials to pay the female winner as much as the man this year. It is entirely fitting for Venus to have WON Wimbledon this year. As for Larry Brown? Let him put a picture of himself up here and let’s see how “NASTY” he looks! Shaking my head.

  • Paul

    Which idiot wrote this article!!!!!

    Venus showed us in 2005 when she won wimbledon after not winning a grand slam since 2001, people wrote her off then, now she has proved at wimbledon 2007 that she has the power.

    People have short memories and don’t be so quick to write off the williams sisters