Jeff Driskel’s pants left little to the imagination

Jeff Driskel pants

Are they trying a new material for their pants over at Florida? If so, they’re definitely of the see-through variety. Check out how Jeff Driskel looked in the end zone after scoring on a 9-yard touchdown run in the first quarter of the Gators’ 21-16 loss to the Miami Hurricanes on Saturday. That’s either a jock strap that’s pretty visible under his pants, or the quarterback has been spending some time with Annie from “Bull Durham.”

It’s easy to see why Driskel’s pants were nominated on ESPN’s “C’Mon Man!”

What was worse: Driskel’s pants, or Jeff Backus of the Lions?

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  • Legacy Reaper

    I agree as far as the quality of the Florida football uniforms. If you look at hi arms, they’re also practically see through, in addition to his thighs and buttocks. The female fanbase near the sidelines are definitely getting a show.

  • opie

    It’s a jockstrap w/ side pads and tail pad (Nike and McDavid) are selling them. As stated, the pants are rather revealing though.