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Thursday, June 21, 2018

Naked Girl in Tiger Woods Golf Video Game Is Hack Job, EA Says

If there were a way to boost the declining sales of Tiger Woods’ video game, planting a topless girl in it should do the trick. Unfortunately, the story reported by the Sun in England is the result of a hack job. A woman by the name of Jo Eley says the character she created in the game only appears topless. The Sun published that story complete with pictures of her character in the game.

This clearly was a hack job, which is what EA Sports has said “We have extensively investigated and have determined that this situation is not possible through a retail copy of the game. The player model is clearly modified as a result of hacking.” It’s hard to imagine The Sun didn’t know what they were doing in publishing the story. Still, given the events of Tiger’s past year and a half, it’s pretty funny. If Tiger has sense of humor fellow golfers say he does, he’d probably get a nice laugh out of this one.

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