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Monday, June 18, 2018

Fan hit by CM Punk filed police report, has bruised eye, broken glasses (Pictures)

The fan who was hit by wrestler CM Punk during “Monday Night RAW” in Sacramento reportedly filed a police report after the assault.

Laura Cole, who works for CBS 13 in Sacramento, reported on her Twitter account that the fan was filing a report with law enforcement late Monday.

Cole spoke with the fan who told her he never hit Punk to provoke the attack. She also snapped a photo of the fan holding his sunglasses, which he says were broken by Punk:

Another video has emerged, and this was shot by a fan nearby Punk as he walked up the stairs into the stands. It shows the pushing that led to Punk’s violent actions:

The video shows that Punk swatted one fan after being touched, pushed another with his forearm, and then was pushed back in retaliation. He was really upset at that point, but then he became livid when he was bumped into from the back. It looks like the fan pictured above was pushed into Punk, who turned around and whaled on him. Not exactly the most professionally response, and certainly one that will likely be costly for Punk.

Here’s another angle of the assault, and it shows just who pushed Punk:

CM Punk hits fan on ‘RAW’ (Video)

Photo credits: Laura Cole/Twitter 1, 2

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