Scott Hall calls out Chael Sonnen for stealing his line

Chael SonnenChael Sonnen is one of the best crap talkers in sports. The guy is a classic heel and totally embraces it. He makes his living off of it. He does it better than many others. He’s even turned his ability to talk like a madman into a nice broadcasting gig with FOX. But one thing Chael is not is original. Or at least he’s not always original.

Wrestling figure Scott Hall, who as Razor Ramon was one of the best heels in WWF history, recently called out Sonnen for stealing one of his lines.

Sonnen announced his retirement from MMA last week after failing a random drug test. He tweeted the following words of encouragement about his announcement:

Hall heard about Sonnen’s tweet and a week later had a delayed reaction:

What was that, Chael?

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  • SpinMax

    he’s still alive! woot

  • ratedrnightwing

    And Hall stole from scarface. Big deal.

  • Muddassar Asif

    Who said?

  • cv2k

    Hall suggested a Scarface-like character during a meeting with Vince McMahon, google it.

  • Viva La Raza!

    And Nikita Koloff wasn’t even a real Russian. Go figure!

  • sh1TH0Le

    I was hoping it was “hey yo!”