Tito Ortiz revealed as TNA August 1 Warning (Video)

Tito Ortiz was revealed as TNA’s “August 1 Warning” at the end of Thursday’s “Impact Wrestling” show on Spike TV. TNA had been promoting the “August 1 Warning” message through social media and hyping up the mystery. There was speculation throughout the wrestling community that a well known wrestler would be the reveal, but it turned out to be the former MMA legend.

At the end of the “Impact Wrestling” show, Ortiz came out of the tunnel and looked into the ring, where members of Aces & Eights and Main Even Mafia wrestlers were scrapping. Rampage Jackson, who is part of Main Event Mafia and signed by Spike TV/Bellator/TNA, was one of the wrestlers in the ring. The hype behind the “August 1 Warning” campaign promoted Ortiz’s Nov. 2 MMA fight against Rampage, which will be Bellator MMA’s first pay-per-view show.

Tito Ortiz Rampage Jackson

“I’m back,” Ortiz stated in a press release to promote the Nov. fight. “Over the last few years, my passion for MMA was completely killed, dealing with UFC politics and with Dana (White). I didn’t have that drive to compete, my heart wasn’t in it. I feel like a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders. I’m free. Bjorn and Bellator put together an opportunity that made me part of the promotion, part of the family. I feel like I can breathe again and my old friend is going to be on the receiving end of all that happiness turned into an old school Tito Ortiz ground and pound beating. I’ve fought and beaten the very best in MMA history and on Nov. 2nd, Rampage will be the next huge win on my record. This is a new era for the People’s Champion.”

Ortiz is 38 and has not fought since losing to Forrest Griffin at UFC 148 in July 2012. He set a record by successfully defending his UFC light heavyweight title five times in a row and peaked with a 15-4 record before going downhill. He was 1-6-1 in his last eight fights, leading to his departure from the UFC.

Ortiz does have a history with TNA; he served as a special guest referee in May and October 2005.

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  • Simon Cason

    It’s actually worse than what it seems. Tito is 1-7-1 in his past 9, yes, but his last significant win before the losing streak was against Forrest Griffin, a fight he shouldn’t have won (Forrest was robbed). He actually won Two fights after the Griffin fight, but those were terrible, terrible fights against an aging Ken Shamrock. Rampage’s run isn’t as bad as Tito is, but as it stands now, Tito has looked better than Rampage has in both of their last 6 fights. At least Tito had a win over a decent ranked fighter in Ryan Bader. Rampage’s last significant win was against Lyoto Machida, but just like the Tito/Forrest fight, Lyoto was robbed of the decision. Rampage’s actual, last significant win was an incredible knock out over Wanderlei Silva. But even then, Wand wasn’t as good as he was back in PRIDE FC.
    I guess what I’m trying to say is, this is an atrocious match up that reeks with desperation. Bellator said not too long ago that they weren’t gonna sign “UFC Castaways/Rejects” but since then that’s all they’ve done. This is what happens when you sell off all your stock to keep your organization alive like Bjork Rebney has done with Spike TV. Bellator as it used to be (Exciting, if not complete mismatches, tournaments) is no more. Spike TV makes all the decisions. Ask yourself this: What happens if Rampage loses? Tito signed up w/Bellator because Jenna Jamison took him for all he had. Rampage got tired of getting beat up by the best 205’ers in the world.

  • Arsenious_Maximus

    where’s my tip of the cap for the report?

  • http://larrybrownsports.com Larry Brown

    Added! Thanks homie