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Sunday, January 21, 2018

Bas Rutten feels no pain, gave himself stitches after being cut by glass (Video)

Who knew Bas Rutten and Anton Chigurh had so much in common?

Rutten posted a video to YouTube on Saturday that documents the time he was cut in the thigh by a large piece of glass. As the video says, a six-pack of non-alcoholic beer broke and one piece of the shattered glass went deep enough into his leg to make it gush with blood. Rather than go to the emergency room where the waiting times can be excessive, Rutten decided to take care of the issue on his own.

The MMA legend proceeded to give himself stitches and didn’t even flinch at any possible pain. At one point, he even complained that the needle wasn’t sharp enough.

The video is graphic, so beware.

Survival tips. I mean, heck, what do you think people did before emergency rooms existed? And you really think a guy who was UFC heavyweight champion is going to be bothered by a few stitches? Look at this smile:

Bas Rutten stitches

Guy was loving it.

Glove touch to Bloody Elbow

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