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Friday, June 22, 2018

BBQ chip crime hilariously investigated in Canada (Video)

A month-old news report from CTV in Vancouver Island, Canada went viral on Tuesday for all sorts of awesome reasons. The video, which we first saw thanks to Jimmy Traina of SI Hot Clicks, is unintentionally hilarious.

In the news report, a CTV reporter attempts to crack the case of some rare BBQ chips that were stolen by a few hungry, drunken college students from a woman’s garage.

The field reporter files his report speaking in nothing but serious tones. Meanwhile, Saanich Police Sgt. Dean Jantzen does his best to maintain a straight face as he reads a description of the alleged “crime.”

“I haven’t tried these for myself,” Jantzen says, “but my understanding is that particular brand of barbecue is quite tasty.”

Sgt. Jantzen then breaks down in laughter when he declares the girls are “first-time chip offenders.”

Oh, and importantly, police were recommending “charges of break and enter against the two women” for their unlawful chip thievery.

CTV became aware that the video developed into a massive joke on the Internet and investigated that phenomenon in a followup piece:

Our friend Stephen Douglas of The Big Lead deserves a mention for his post getting featured in the news report, but unfortunately they did not mention the name of his website.

So: BBQ chip thefts or shootings over Kool-Aid? You make the call.

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