Girl hit with shovel during fight gets Kendrick Lamar, Ludacris remix (Video)

There’s a tremendous Vine video that’s been going around the Internet on Cinco de Mayo, and it shows a young girl wearing yoga pants and a pink T-shirt getting KTFO by a shovel. The video is really priceless, and most people are sharing it with little regard for shovel girl’s well-being. But after seeing the full fight video, it’s hard not to say that she didn’t have it coming.

The full video is eight minutes long and provides a little context to the fight. It seems like two girls are fighting over a guy, so they arranged a fight at shovel-thrower’s house. It’s all rather civilized, too. They decided to fight on their fight, with no kicking or shoes involved. Really high-level combat rules from a couple of thuggish ruggish bones.

[Also see: Shovel girl has been identified - check her out]

Before the fight, shovel girl decides to go pet some chickens inside the chicken coup on shovel thrower’s house/barn. Then they agree to fight.

Shovel GirlShovel girl actually gets a lot of shots in and was beating up shovel thrower pretty badly. So much so that shovel thrower wanted the fight to end and demanded that shovel girl vacate the property, pronto.

When shovel girl taunts her in response and says she won’t leave unless the cops tell her to, shovel thrower says she’s going to get her BB gun instead.

But on the way to the BB gun, shovel thrower finds something much, much better: a shovel.

And she shows no hesitation when hoisting it at her enemy’s head. Goodness.

And the best part?

Shovel girl’s victory quote: “I beat her ass, so it’s OK.”

There you go. So now here’s the video remixed to Ludacris’ “Move Bitch”

And here’s the Vine video set to Kendrick Lamar:

What’s that? You say you want more? Here’s the full fight video:

[Also see: Shovel girl has been identified - check her out]

Luda video via World of Isaac
Kendrick Lamar video via Jersey Chaser

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  • Wisdom

    As funny as some people find this, she could have killed that girl or caused serious injury. She should be arrested

  • lopez

    Umm she died the same day.

  • lopez

    She did die .

  • poopdick

    She didnt die you dumb fucks. Look at an actual news site and not articles written by stay at home moms and bloggers.

  • EJ

    The Kendrick one was hilarious, although that sounded painful.

    I would go off on someone if they hit me with a shovel. As soon as I recovered, of course.

  • sam

    no… she didn’t…

  • EJ


  • EJ

    Yea, that was messed up.

  • Chanel Mckinney

    She died and the other girl was charged with manslaughter

  • Cronuz

    lol get rekt scrub L2F

  • Cronuz

    Dont go full retard shanaynay u might pull everything

  • Matt O’brien

    this is messed up the girl died.. look it up

  • EJ