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Tuesday, June 19, 2018

High Schooler Hayden Knudson Intercepts Field Goal, Returns it for TD (Video)

Is it just us or are high schoolers responsible for some of the most amazing plays we have seen this season?  On Tuesday, we showed you the amazing leaping and soaring ability of this high school football player. Allow us to introduce Hayden Knudson of Hayfield High School in Alexandria, Virginia, who put together one of the craziest plays we’ve seen in a football game. The kid literally intercepted a field goal attempt and returned it for a touchdown. I’ve seen defensive players get into the backfield so quickly that they were able to intercept a handoff, but a field goal attempt? That’s absurd. Watch the video of this awesome play:

Thanks to SI Hot Clicks for sharing the video with us. Now any player who would be athletic enough to make a play like that would probably be pretty good, right? That’s definitely the case for Knudson, who has a pretty impressive highlight reel:

Knudson is a senior and doesn’t seem to have any offers yet, but after making a play like that, I’m sure he’ll receive some attention.

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