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Wednesday, June 20, 2018

High School Basketball Player Attacks, Bodyslams Ref (Video)

You think the notoriously insane Ron Artest gets heated up when an NBA ref makes a call against him? Ron has nothing on the Desoto County, Fla. high school player who decided to attack a referee after being assessed a technical and ejected from the game. We’ve seen things like inadvertent head butts and even times when a player gets carried away and shoves a ref or umpire, but seeing a player deliberately attack a zebra is pretty rare. Check out this video of a high school basketball player attacking a ref, courtesy of The Big Lead:

That kid obviously has some serious mental problems, and he’s going to have some serious legal problems if he’s 18 or older.  That’s blatant assault and battery, no matter how you cut it.  Poor sportsmanship taken to a new level.

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