Back When Jim Haslett Played Dirty

Jim Haslett was recently hired as the Redskins defensive coordinator, replacing Greg Blache who retired. Haslett reportedly was Mike Shanahan’s second choice behind Mike Zimmer who signed a three-year extension to remain with the Bengals. Haslett is a former head coach of the Saints and interim head coach of the Rams (he replaced Scott Linehan two seasons ago). Now Haslett’s with the Skins and as The Sporting Blog points out via DC Sports Bog, he’ll fit in perfectly with Albert Haynesworth. Check out this video of Jim Haslett stepping on Terry Bradshaw back in the day:

Haslett explained his action by saying that was the only chance the Bills had to win the game. Not sure if that was Haynesworth’s explanation for stomping on Andre Gurode of the Cowboys, but the plays sure are similar. Remember?

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  • Gene

    Check out “Lovable” Ed Sprinkle of the Chicago Bears of the 1950’s if you wnat to see dirty play. Players of the 50’s may have been smaller and slower, but they were much dirtier.

  • SpinMax

    Too bad his head didn’t come off with it