Rangers fans keep foul ball from little kid, make him cry (Video)

A couple of Texas Rangers fans pulled a major no-no at Wednesday night’s game: They kept a foul ball from a young kid. Rangers first baseman Mitch Moreland tossed a foul ball into the stands, and the typical mad rush for the treasure unfolded. One couple came up with the ball, but they left the young child next to them in tears.

According to Jimmy Traina, who shared the video with us, the young boy ended up with a ball, but not that one. He says a different fan gave it to him. At least the kid eventually got a souvenir.

I only have one question for you. Which is worse? These Rangers fans who made the kid cry, this awful woman, or this evil man? They’re all pretty bad.

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  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Robert-Umbaugh/100001351080360 Robert Umbaugh

    I caught a foul ball in Tuesday night game…turned around and gave it to a 10 year old boy…Why don’t you report that story? The media is bad about only reporting  peoples dirty laundry.

  • http://www.facebook.com/steven.r.belcher Steven Ray Belcher

    Those two adults then laugh about it, knowing the kid right there cryin. You two adults are slime worse of the worse. Never have i seen such egotistic adults in public. You should be ashamed to be an adult 

  • http://www.facebook.com/shawn.dorey.161 Shawn Dorey

    The worst part is, the announcer is making fun of the kid.

  • http://www.facebook.com/rich.gomesvillani Rich Gomes-Villani

    Adults are little cunts. Give the kid the ball you clit.

  • bcvvmhg

    oh come on, lighten up. i didn’t see anyone grab a ball from a kid, the ball was thrown right to that guy, who seemed oblivious to the kid’s existance. why do you expect people to be aware of other people’s child issues when they are trying to watch a game? and those are expensive seats, why do the spoiled brats of rich people always get the baseballs? why not have ushers walk foul balls up to the cheap seats so the poor kids get a ball sometimes?

  • http://www.facebook.com/whitgalbreath Whit Galbreath

    Way to look like complete assholes on television.

  • klunkerboy

    Captain, Thar be douchebags here! Like the douches who kept the ball had any real interest in it, if they gave it to the kid, they’d would have had his day, month and year and look like heros, now they just look like big douchy ZEROS.

  • http://twitter.com/BumpyGrumpy Greg

    Maybe they had a kid at home they were going to give the ball to.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Scott-Johnson/1374947907 Scott Johnson

    Looks to me like the kid never even handled the ball. Probably an only child sucking on tit still at 10 years old. Get over it kid, we’re not your momma.

  • Geo

    Reminds me why I think sports fanatics are a lower form of life.

  • Nothingwecando

    Just goes to show people you can’t cry like a baby and get what you want in this country! He was just to slow.

  • Nothingwecando

    Maybe next game the kid will move a bit quicker!

  • Nothingwecando

    Kids grow up to be adults! what makes them so special?

  • Nothingwecando

    Maybe the guy who caught the ball was trying for 40 years and finally got one. Maybe he was a kid and let a few get away but finally had his day, you have no clue.

  • Garry Thomas

    spoilt little bastard fairplay for not giving it him as that would be disasterous lesson and good on the parents for not making a deal outta it too.

  • Garry Thomas

    shut up ………..faggot.

  • Garry Thomas

    well said

  • Garry Thomas

    best part u mean?
    surely ? lol lighten up faggot

  • MamaBearOf4

    Then they should have brought the kid to the game like these parents.

  • MamaBearOf4

    Whether the kids got it first or not, it is still the kind thing to do. What a pair of assholes. I hope this couple is humiliated by their selfishness and behavior caught on national television.

  • ourfoundingfather

    Who cares …. kid didn’t catch the ball so its not his – its not like the couple took the ball — they caught – away from the little kid – fair n square – maybe the couple wants to give the ball to loyal fan who happens to be their child or grandchild who happened to miss 1 game in the last 10 years – ridiculous – let the little kid learn that not getting a ball at a ball field is ok. that not catching a ball at the ballfield EVER is ok. Dam libs – everybody gets a ball – if you buy a ticket and watch the game do not leave the stadium until you catch all ball – libs.

  • Katarina Novak

    Spoiled little bastard!
    I hope that this couple sued Larry Brown for defamation of character.

    A brat doesn’t get to pitch a fit and automatically get something that doesn’t belong to it, just because it wants it.

  • Katarina Novak

    Chances are that he didn’t appreciate it. He’s 10, he doesn’t understand the value of things.

    There are so many breeder pleasers among the population, it’s creepy.

  • greekguy9999

    Kid needs to learn he will have MANY more missed balls in his lifetime. What a valuable lesson. Kudos to the young couple for destroying him at such a tender age. While they were at it, they should have also mentioned that Santa, the Tooth Fairy and Easter Bunny are all just corporate creations milking the masses for more money.

  • greekguy9999

    I was laughing right along with them. Bratty kid needs a spanking and a “Grow up!” to go along with it.

  • Poopdeck

    They should have given the ball to the kid. Kids get excited over objects. They’re kids. Adults who get excited over objects are nothing but a&&holes.

  • dtbristol

    So the couple didn’t hand over the ball the the small child sitting next to them after they got it fair and square? I don’t see any wrong doing here. By giving this child a ball after he cries, you just encourage him to cry to get what he wants.

  • NightmareFuel

    Sneering douchebaggery in the face of a broken-hearted child. Yeah, that’s about what I’ve come to expect from humanity these days. Sports fans are a special breed of cunt.

  • unkwunsldr1

    Wow what a bunch of filthy mouthed jerks on here.

  • ladymulti

    What? From what I can tell the other couple got it fair and square; they all wanted it. They didn’t STEAL anything. You can’t have everything just given to you; the parents need to teach their child that and not let him grow up to be a spoiled child that I’ve seen plenty of the past few years.

    If it was my kid and he had started whining like that I’d have told him no that it was theirs and if he wouldn’t have stopped crying like a spoiled brat, we’d have left the game all together.

  • a MAN among MEN!

    The kid needs to get his face slapped. Had it been me, I not only would’ve taken the ball, I would have laughed right in the bratty kid’s face, and then beaten up his dad, right in front of him. The kid needs a stern life lesson in pain and humiliation.

  • barbaraebj

    OMG! You’re an animal! How gross!

  • barbaraebj

    OMG 2nd round: Animals run in packs on this site.

  • a MAN among MEN!

    Too many kids are being spoiled these days … they’re being taught that “entitlement” is more important than “achievement”. That’s why I would’ve kicked the dad’s ass right in front of his sissy, pansy little kid. And if my girlfriend was with me, she’d have slapped the hell outta the baby’s overprotective mom … hopefully, we’d have all three (3) of those candyasses crying!

  • Deads

    Why should they? Did they take the ball away from the kid? No. Did they push the kid or his parents away to catch the ball? No.
    Dont get me wrong, if i had caught that ball i would have given it to the kid but thats me. Besides not giving a crap about the ball (like me) there is no real reason why to give it to that kid.

    Someone else catches the ball and the kid immediatly goes crying and everyone feels sorry for him :/.