Mark Sanchez Makes Women Swoon with Super Bowl Ad

Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez didn’t waste any time capturing the heart of the press and female population in New York during his rookie season. He further cemented his budding Joe Namath “Ladies Man” status with the ad he starred in for the Super Bowl. In case you missed it, Sanchez was in some sort of PSA called “CBS Cares.” Its objective was to raise awareness with women regarding heart conditions, from what I gathered. Anyway, here’s video of Mark Sanchez’s Super Bowl ad in case you missed it:

While Sanchez’s commercial didn’t touch into humor the way fellow quarterbacks Brett Favre and Tim Tebow did, Sanchez is already picking up brownie points with the ladies. Check out some of the following comments on YouTube:

love you Mark, you are the best.
hoy tendre dulces sueños :)
this made my night! jets all the way! mark is amazing! i seriously adore him
this made me love him more than i already do ...if that is even possible !! lol
i screamed when this came on! i made my dad rewind and watch it again. i love mark and i love my jets! my favorite commercial!

Judging by the repetitive nature of the comments, I would go so far as to suggest some P.R. firm was responsible for the lot. Then again, it was the Super Bowl and teenage girls were watching, so it’s entirely possible these were authentic. Bottom line: there’s no doubt that chicks dig the Sanchize.

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  • anna

    this was soo cute !
    i love itt ! :))

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_TDBUXG5UT6UT5QJTR7IGY3LSCQ Kimberly

    ok what are the differences between men and womens heart problems can you please take this a little further. I really dont care if he is cute or what I want to better understand the message.