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Sunday, February 25, 2018



Stan Van Gundy

Stan Van Gundy slams NCAA, says they don’t care about athletes

It’s safe to say Stan Van Gundy isn’t a big fan of the NCAA. The Detroit Pistons head coach did not hold back on Sunday, calling the organization “the worst” in sports. SVG on the college basketball scandal: “The NCAA is one of the worst organizations – maybe the worst organization – in sports. They…Read More

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Alex Rodriguez returning to Yankees as special advisor

Alex Rodriguez

The New York Yankees will roll out one of their best lineups in years when they take the field on Opening Day this year, and they want one of the best hitters in team history to help them get the most out of it.

On Sunday, the Yankees announced that Alex Rodriguez is returning to the club for a third consecutive year as a special advisor. He will join former Yankees Reggie Jackson, Hideki Matsui and Nick Swisher on New York’s staff.

“These are exciting times for the New York Yankees, and I do not take this opportunity for granted,” Rodriguez said in a statement, via Bryan Hoch of MLB.com. “I am genuinely thankful for the trust the organization has placed in me, and I am looking forward to lending whatever support or expertise is needed of me.”

Rodriguez will be plenty busy during the 2018 MLB season, as he has also joined ESPN’s “Sunday Night Baseball” crew and will still be appearing as an analyst for FOX Sports. While he said he had no interest in a bigger role that opened up with the Yankees earlier in the offseason, he clearly wants to remain part of the organization.

Clippers expect Avery Bradley to be out ‘a while’

Avery Bradley

The Los Angeles Clippers will be without guard Avery Bradley for “a while,” according to coach Doc Rivers.

Rivers admitted Sunday that the team doesn’t know how long they’ll be without Bradley, saying it could be anywhere between one to three weeks.

There has been an air of mystery about Bradley’s injury ever since he was sidelined. He hasn’t played since Feb. 14 owing to a sports hernia that has bothered him for much of the season. Ultimately, it could cost Bradley a month here if things don’t go perfectly smoothly.

Ex-Arizona State CB arrested for making threats toward students, staff

A former Arizona State football player was taken into custody on Friday after police say he made threats toward students and staff at the university.

According to arrest records obtained by Jason Pohl of the Arizona Republic, Edward “Robbie” Robinson was arrested on Friday evening after he made “terroristic threats” on social media that he wanted to purchase a gun so he could “spray the stadium” and shoot people. His bond was set at $50,000.

An alert was issued for the Arizona State campus on Friday after police became aware of the threats. Robinson, who has not been enrolled at the school for over a year, was booked on suspicion of terroristic threats, disruption of an educational institution and possession of marijuana.

One in a series of tweets from the Twitter account Robinson was believed to be using appeared to show a screenshot of a text message he received from a police officer who expressed concern over the things he was saying.

Robinson — or whoever was using the account — also expressed frustration with former Arizona State coach Todd Graham. One tweet said people were trying to have him arrested because “these crackers done programmed society so bad that if you’re unapologetically black, you’re a threat.”

Threats of this nature are being taken even more seriously in the wake of the latest mass shooting, which left 17 people dead at a high school in Parkland, Fla. Former NFL offensive lineman Jonathan Martin was also taken into custody on Friday after a disturbing threat was posted on his Twitter account.

Report: Twins agree to deal with Logan Morrison

Logan Morrison

The Minnesota Twins are reportedly adding another bat to help in their quest to make the postseason for a second straight season.

According to MLB Network’s Jon Morosi, the Twins are finalizing a deal with free agent first baseman and designated hitter Logan Morrison.

Morrison hit 38 home runs in a surprising 2017 season with the Tampa Bay Rays. While he might have liked to play for one of Minnesota’s division rivals, he’s found a nice home on a team with a chance to make some noise in the American League.

Mirai Nagasu apologizes for controversial remarks

Mirai Nagasu

U.S. figure skater Mirai Nagasu apologized for a set of comments she made after her singles event that apparently came off the wrong way.

Nagasu credited herself, saying she “saved” the U.S. in the team event to win a bronze medal, while adding that she treated her free skate as an audition for Dancing With the Stars. Many were unimpressed with this conduct, viewing her as discrediting her teammates, making excuses for a 10th place finish, and showing a lack of focus in a major Olympic event.

On Saturday, a tearful Nagasu apologized for her remarks.

“I feel really, really awful about the things I said,” Nagasu told Adam Carlson of People on Saturday. “I feel bad that people think that I was throwing my teammates under the bus because I never wanted to come off that way.

“I had my dream Olympic skate [in the team event] and to me, I’ve been dreaming of that moment for such a long time, it made me feel like a superhero and superheroes save the day. And I wish I had said that we were all superheroes during the team event,” Nagasu added. “To watch Chris and Alexa [Knierim, pair skaters], I train with them, to see the way they competed, to see Bradie put out a great performance, and Nathan [Chen] and Adam [Rippon] and [ice dancers] Maia and Alex [Shibutani] — everyone did their part, and so I didn’t mean to say that I saved the team by myself. We were all heroes that day and I apologize, especially to my teammates, for how it came off.”

Nagasu said her Dancing reference was based on a trick suggested by a sports psychologist, who encouraged her to use a different motivator than she did in the team event.

“I used that as a distraction and I probably should have kept it to myself. … It didn’t come out the way I wanted it to,” Nagasu said.

The skater added that she also apologized to Canadian skater Gabrielle Daleman, who Nagasu singled out as another successful skater who did not have a good free skate.

“What people didn’t see is that I hugged her right before I made that comment because I really related to her and I was like, ‘You know, you’re an Olympic gold medalist regardless of how you skated today,'” Nagasu said. “I just truly related to her in that moment and we both had disappointing free skates, and I just shouldn’t have brought her into it to be honest.”

Nagasu was an early favorite in the Olympics on account of her nailing a triple axel during the team performance, but she threatened a lot of that goodwill with these comments. It’s good that she apologized.

Bruce Pearl signed Florida fan’s funny poster after loss

Auburn basketball coach Bruce Pearl has always been known for having a great reputation with fans dating back to his days with Tennessee, and that connection is apparently not limited to those who cheer on the Tigers.

Before Saturday’s game against Florida, someone snapped a photo of Pearl lounging poolside at a hotel in Gainesville.

Of course, one Gators fan jumped all over the opportunity to blow the photo up and bring shirtless Bruce Pearl with him to the O’Connell Center. That fan probably didn’t expect Pearl to be such a good sport about it.

Pearl’s No. 12-ranked Tigers lost the game, so you have to give him credit for taking that in stride even after a tough day. Now, if he had signed one of those dollar bills that Florida fans dropped on Auburn players to heckle them, that would really be something.

Stan Van Gundy slams NCAA, says they don’t care about athletes

Stan Van Gundy

It’s safe to say Stan Van Gundy isn’t a big fan of the NCAA.

The Detroit Pistons head coach did not hold back on Sunday, calling the organization “the worst” in sports.

Van Gundy went further talking about the NBA one-and-done rule. It’s safe to say he’s not a fan.

It’s safe to say a lot of people aren’t happy with the NCAA right now, but Van Gundy’s comments are next level. They’re hard to argue with, too. With each passing day, it’s tougher and tougher to argue that the NCAA has the best interests of anyone but themselves in mind — and not many people have been arguing anything to the contrary for a while.

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