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Tuesday, March 26, 2019



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Report: NFL investigating after Jabrill Peppers was victim of gun theft

The NFL is reportedly investigating two off-field incidents involving New York Giants safety Jabrill Peppers.

According to Scott Noll of WEWS in Cleveland, the NFL has reached out to the Cleveland Police Department seeking information on two incidents that happened earlier this year when Peppers was a member of the Browns. A handgun belonging to Peppers was stolen from his vehicle on Jan. 29. A week later, a possible suspect in the theft was found beaten and eventually died from her injuries. A 26-year-old man was arrested in that case and charged with murder and felonious assault.

According to WEWS, the NFL reached out to the police for information on the theft of the gun, as well as documentation indicating that Peppers is not a suspect in the homicide investigation. The Cleveland Police further clarified the report, calling it “misleading” and indicating that Peppers was not a suspect in any way.

Essentially, the NFL appears to have been made aware of these two incidents and sought to clarify that Peppers was not involved in wrong-doing either time. It does not appear that Peppers has any cause for worry here, nor do the New York Giants, who acquired Peppers in the Odell Beckham trade earlier this month.

Mike Tomlin has interesting reaction to Le’Veon Bell’s Jets deal

Mike Tomlin

Pittsburgh Steelers coach Mike Tomlin has watched as a conference rival picked up one of his former stars, and he has some thoughts on it.

On Tuesday, Tomlin offered a reaction to Le’Veon Bell joining the New York Jets that some will see as funny and others will interpret as shade. Let’s just say Tomlin took notice of Bell’s paycheck.

Bell, of course, is getting paid that much because the Steelers wouldn’t go that far, at least in terms of guaranteed money. Tomlin certainly doesn’t seem to have a problem with the fact that they didn’t, nor does he sound all that envious of the fact that the Jets are the ones paying him the big money now.

Jets’ Jamal Adams not a fan of latest NFL rule change

Jamal Adams

The NFL made a significant rule change in the name of player safety on Tuesday, but that wasn’t good news to one prominent player.

The league announced that owners had voted to outlaw blindside blocks, citing a statistic stating that one-third of all concussions on punts were caused by that action.

New York Jets safety Jalen Adams, however, decried the rule change as “soft as hell.”

In the past, Adams has been pretty flippant about the long-term damage football can cause, and ultimately, he’s probably not alone. In that sense, his take on this isn’t a huge surprise.

Shareef O’Neal cleared to resume basketball activity after heart surgery

Shareef O'Neal

Shareef O’Neal underwent successful heart surgery back in December, and doctors have officially cleared the UCLA freshman to resume basketball activity just over three months later.

O’Neal shared the good news on social media Tuesday and thanked everyone for their support during his recovery.

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O’Neal, the son of basketball legend Shaquille O’Neal, took a medical redshirt season after an electrical problem was discovered in his heart during a routine check in the fall. The surgery was expected to fix the problem and allow him to play at full strength in the future, and it sounds like he will be ready to play his sophomore year at UCLA.

Robert Kraft officially enters not guilty plea in prostitution case

Robert Kraft

Robert Kraft issued an apology over the weekend for his alleged involvement in a sex traffic sting in Florida, but the New England Patriots owner is choosing not to admit guilt from a legal standpoint.

On Tuesday, Kraft waived an upcoming arraignment that was scheduled for later this week and officially entered a not guilty plea. He had previously pleaded not guilty to two charges of solicitation of prostitution and requested a non-jury trial, but the 77-year-old is now asking for a trial by jury.

Kraft denied engaging in any illegal activity after an arrest warrant was first issued for him in the case, despite authorities saying they have clear video evidence of him engaging in sex acts at a day spa in Jupiter, Fla. Prosecutors recently offered him a plea deal that would have required him to admit guilt in exchange for having the charges dropped, but Kraft and the other defendants in the case turned it down.

While his reputation has already taken a hit, the charges against Kraft came as part of an investigation into sex trafficking. All indications at this point have been that he had nothing to do with that aspect of the case, so it appears he is counting on his powerful legal team to fight the charges and win.

Report: Conor McGregor being investigated for alleged sexual assault

Conor McGregor

Conor McGregor announced this week that he is retiring from mixed martial arts, and you have to wonder if part of the reason for that is so he can deal with some major legal trouble he is facing in his personal life.

According to a report from Tariq Panja of the New York Times, police in Ireland are investigating McGregor after a woman accused him of sexually assaulting her back in December. McGregor was arrested in January but was questioned and released without being charged with a crime. The investigation is ongoing.

The alleged victim in the case told police McGregor assaulted her at the Beacon Hotel in Dublin. McGregor is reportedly an occasional guest at the hotel and often books the penthouse suite. His most recent visit was in December. Laws in Ireland prohibit media outlets from identifying individuals accused of rape unless they have been charged, which is why McGregor has not yet been formally named. A spokesperson for Ireland’s police service would not confirm that McGregor is under investigation.

McGregor is no stranger to legal trouble, and he was most recently arrested after being accused of smacking a cell phone out of the hand of a fan who tried to take a photo with him. The former UFC champion also recently completed the probation for his bus attack at a UFC event last year.

Kliff Kingsbury gushes about Kyler Murray again

Kyler Murray

The Arizona Cardinals have done their best to convince everyone that they have no idea what they are going to do with the top overall pick in next month’s draft, but make no mistake about it — Kliff Kingsbury still loves Kyler Murray.

Kingsbury was asked about Murray at the NFL coaches breakfast on Tuesday, he had nothing but good things to say about the Heisman Trophy winner. The new Cardinals coach went as far as to call Murray “one of the better dual threat players to ever play.”

The Cardinals hiring Kingsbury as their head coach was one of the reasons Murray’s draft stock rose so suddenly. Back when he was still with Texas Tech and was preparing his team to face Murray and Oklahoma, Kingsbury said he would take Murray with the No. 1 overall pick in the NFL Draft if he could. He now can, assuming the front office is on board.

Arizona’s brass has said everything is on the table for them with the top pick, but there are plenty of people who are convinced they are taking Murray.

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