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#pounditFriday, August 12, 2022

Amazing angles of Seiya Suzuki’s electrifying inside-the-park HR go viral

The most exciting play in baseball lived up to its name on Monday thanks to Chicago Cubs rookie Seiya Suzuki.

The Cubs played a thriller against the Milwaukee Brewers on Independence Day. With the game tied 1-1 in the top of the ninth inning, the Cubs slugger Suzuki tattooed a ball off the wall in left-center. It took a funny carom and squirted past Brewers center fielder Jonathan Davis. From there, Suzuki turned on the jets and made it all the way around the bases for a truly electrifying go-ahead inside-the-park home run.

Check out the video (where Suzuki was really flying around the basepaths and just managed to narrowly avoid the tag at home plate).

The Cubs shared some incredible angles of Suzuki’s inside-the-parker that ended up going viral. In particular, there were some tremendous close-ups of Suzuki sneaking into home plate (plus an overhead angle). Take a look.

That was an impressive highlight for Suzuki, who just arrived from Japan this season. Though the Brewers tied it again in the bottom of the ninth (and eventually won 5-2 in ten innings), Suzuki still has a moment to remember forever (and off one of baseball’s elite relievers in Josh Hader to boot).

The camerawork on that play deserves some love as well. Those may have been some of the best shots we’ve seen since this player’s slide into home.

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