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Friday, February 15, 2019

Roy Halladay’s Only Weakness: Hot Weather Over 90 Degrees

Roy Halladay’s streak of road starts where he pitched at least six innings ended at 63 Monday when he left his start in the fifth inning. The Phillies ace was drenched with sweat, had trouble seeing the plate, and lost velocity on his pitches because of the heat. He was dizzy and possibly dehydrated in Chicago where it was a humid 91 degrees. We already knew that no hitter in baseball is a threat to Halladay, but he does have one weakness: hot temperatures.

Baseball Tonight ran an interesting graphic showing Halladay traditionally struggles in extremely warm weather. He’s made 211 career starts when the temperature was 90 degrees or below, and 10 when it was hotter than that. Keep in mind he played in Toronto where the weather was controlled, but he still made road starts. Here are the numbers:


Make him face the Yankees, Red Sox, or ’90s Cleveland Indians and Halladay won’t sweat, but stick him in Arlington in August and he’ll have some trouble. It’s amazing, Roy Halladay’s only weakness is the heat!

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