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#pounditTuesday, July 23, 2024

Triston Casas tells story about his father being taken to jail during Little League game

Red Sox first baseman Triston Casas holding a mic

The most interesting thing to happen during Sunday’s Boston Red Sox-New York Yankees clash may have been an interview from the dugout.

The ESPN broadcast set up an interview with Red Sox first baseman Triston Casas during the bottom of the 4th inning as the Red Sox led 3-1 at Fenway Park in Boston, Mass.

The 24-year-old told the story of his father getting arrested during one of his Little League games nearly two decades ago.

After a poor Little League at-bat, a 6-year-old Triston Casas refused to go back onto the field to play defense. He instead sulked in the dugout. That’s when Casas’ father decided to show his son some tough love.

“My dad, being the dad that he is, trying to teach me the lessons that he did in his own special way, came into the dugout,” said Triston. “He actually grabbed me by the shirt, dragged me to the line, and Looney Tunes-style kicked me out onto the field. … [My teammate’s] mom actually called child services on my dad and had him arrested at the field. … I see my dad go away in the cop car, gets arrested, spent the night in jail.”

The Red Sox infielder shared that he looks back at that memory fondly. Casas said that the crazy Little League moment taught him to play hard at all times given the responsibility he has to his teammates, coaches, and fans.

Casas has been sidelined due to a rib injury since April 20. The 6’5″ slugger has batted .244 with 6 home runs and 10 RBIs in 22 games this season.

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