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#pounditThursday, September 28, 2023

Look: Yankee Stadium looks nasty due to smoke from Canadian fires

The smoke from the fires in Canada are affecting air quality in the United States, and nothing contextualized that better than some photos of what the sky above Yankee Stadium looked like.

The New York Yankees lost 3-2 to the Chicago White Sox in the Bronx on Tuesday night. Yankees fan Mario Gomez shared a photo from the stadium. He noted that the sky wasn’t looking so good and that it smelled funny at the game.

Another fan at the game shared her view of the sky, which led her to describe it as a scene out of “The Wizard of Oz.”

There are more than one hundred wildfires in Quebec, and the smoke is drifting south from there.

Not only is New York City’s air quality in bad shape but so is the air quality for many mid-Atlantic cities. A fan at Citizens Bank Park in Philadelphia shared a video of what it looked like at the Phillies game.

The attendance for the Yankees game was listed at just over 38,000, which is about 80 percent full. Attendance for the Phillies game was near 37,000 and nearly 85 percent of the stadium’s capacity.

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