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#pounditFriday, July 19, 2024

Damian Lillard fires back at Shannon Sharpe for criticizing his contract

Damian Lillard

Damian Lillard signed a massive contract extension with the Portland Trail Blazers earlier this month, and Shannon Sharpe seems to think he should have given the team a discount. You can probably guess what Lillard thinks of Sharpe’s opinion.

Lillard’s supermax extension is worth nearly $200 million and includes a $54.3 million player option for the fourth season. It’s the richest contract in Blazers history, and Sharpe said on “The Undisputed” this week that the point guard is hurting the team by demanding such big money.

“He’s gonna be one of the richest players in NBA history, with zero titles,” Sharpe said. “Nobody remembers the guy who made a bunch of money playing sports — only if you won titles, Dame.”

Lillard doesn’t seem to care. For starters, he doesn’t appreciate Sharpe writing him off when he’s only 28. He also takes comfort knowing if he never wins a championship he can cry himself to sleep on his big bag of money.

There’s no Tom Brady situation in the NBA. Star players almost always sign max contract extensions when they’re eligible, especially since their teams can spend beyond the salary cap to make it happen. If the New England Patriots were able to give Brady top dollar and still build the same team around him by simply paying luxury tax, he probably would command much more. That simply isn’t how it works in the NFL.

You can certainly argue whether or not you think Lillard is worthy of a supermax deal, but criticizing him for accepting it seems a bit silly.

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