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#pounditTuesday, May 28, 2024

Ed Reed deletes tweet backing Kyrie Irving

Ed Reed gives his Hall of Fame speech

Kyrie Irving has faced a tremendous amount of criticism in the wake of his decision to show support for an antisemitic movie, but at least one NFL legend appears to be on his side.

Former Baltimore Ravens star Ed Reed took to Twitter over the weekend to support Irving. In a tweet that has since been deleted, Reed said he stands with Irving and said there is no group that is treated worse than black people.

“These boys making business decisions, not worried about the people! I STAND WITH #KyrieIrving we are Harmed everyday! Stop acting as if BLACK folk are not treated worst than any. All the attn (apologies) PROVES it #CarryOn,” Reed wrote.

Reed was immediately ripped for the take. Many people pointed out that it seemed like he was justifying Irving’s antisemitism by essentially saying “black people have it worse so leave him alone.”

Irving has been suspended for a minimum of five games by the Brooklyn Nets. He has reportedly stopped communicating with the team, and it sounds like there is a legitimate chance he may not return at all.

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