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#pounditSunday, July 21, 2024

FX gets roasted for their choice of actor to play Steph Curry in TV show

The FX casting of Steph Curry

FX has Steph Curry looking more like Steve Curry in their new TV show.

The highly-anticipated new FX television miniseries “Clipped” premiered this week on Hulu. “Clipped” is a dramatized retelling of the 2014 scandal that led to LA Clippers owner Donald Sterling being banned from the NBA for life. The series is based on Ramona Shelburne’s ESPN 30 for 30 podcast “The Sterling Affairs.”

While “Clipped” has been met with mostly favorable reviews thus far, social media was united in their opinion about the casting of the Golden State star Curry. The Warriors were the primary rivals of the Clippers during that era and faced them in the playoff series during which the Sterling scandal broke. Thus, it was expected for Golden State to get some air time in “Clipped.”

But the casting of Curry was universally roasted online. Curry is being played by an actor who looks absolutely nothing like him. Take a look.

The jokes quickly flew as many cracked jokes that the actor looked more like Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott than Curry.

This was apparently a running theme for “Clipped” as the casting for fellow Warriors Splash Brother Klay Thompson was not very convincing either.

You do have to suspend disbelief a bit for a series in which Ed O’Neill is playing Donald Sterling and Laurence Fishburne is portraying Doc Rivers. But with Curry’s distinctive baby face (and in an era during which Curry was still in his mid-20s), FX could have done a lot better with their casting there.

The actor playing Curry is not currently listed on the show’s IMDB page. But that had to be the worst casting pick since the one in this 2022 sports movie.

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