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#pounditSunday, May 19, 2024

LaVar Ball plans to offer new Big Baller Brand athletes an ownership stake

LaVar Ball Lakers

The sports world has operated without the loud presence of LaVar Ball for around a year or so, but that appears to be changing. Ball seems to be intent on resurrecting his Big Baller Brand company.

LaVar, the loudmouth father of sons Lonzo, LiAngelo and LaMelo, was a guest on Joy Taylor’s “Maybe I’m Crazy” podcast and talked about plans for Big Baller Brand. LaVar says the next step is to offer future athletes ownership stakes in the company.

“I’m going to look for the next best representation of the BBBs and athletes. To get started, I mainly focused on my boys, and that was the thing, and people thought it was just going to be my three boys and that’s it. Nah, they got some superstars coming out every year, and I’m going to start approaching them,” LaVar told Taylor.

“It’s going to be different on my part … I’m going to offer these next athletes ownership. That’s different than endorsement. And when that endorsement falls down, that’s what’s going to be the new business model.”

Big Baller Brand started with a bang when LaVar was doing all his crazy hyping of his sons, generating tons of publicity. Things started to unravel when Lonzo’s time with the Lakers didn’t go well, LiAngelo was kicked off the UCLA team, and Gelo and LaMelo went to Lithuania. The brand started developing a poor business reputation for its inability to produce its clothing and shoes on time and fulfill customer orders.

Lonzo eventually left the company, suing one of the co-founders and later bashing the shoes they created. Co-founder Alan Foster filed a $2.5 million countersuit calling out LaVar Ball, leading to the company restructuring.

Maybe LaVar has sorted things out, because it seems he is back in a familiar role from a few years ago of drumming up publicity once again. The timing also coincides with LaMelo being a few months away from becoming a high pick in the NBA Draft.

As for the business plan of offering ownership stake, that might be what it takes up front to attract some athletes, but after a while, too much ownership might be given away

Here is the interview clip of LaVar with Joy Taylor:

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