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#pounditTuesday, July 23, 2024

LaVar Ball gets personal in feud with Charles Barkley

LaVar Ball

Charles Barkley has been one of LaVar Ball’s most vocal critics over the last several months, and now Ball is taking their feud to a whole new level.

In a wide-ranging interview with Jared Zwerling of Sports Illustrated that ran Friday, the Ball family patriarch let loose on Barkley with a series of personal shots during a discussion about his public image and his many naysayers.

“Like Charles Barkley, he’s been talking crazy,” said Ball. “‘LaVar is a bad father, this and that.’ And I’m just, like, ‘Don’t even talk about Gelo [son LiAngelo] going to China because you’ve been in jail in Arizona. You have kids that you don’t even talk about. You have a daughter nobody knows about.'”

“A lot of things he’s done bad,” Ball added. “I was a fan of Charles because of how hard he played. And now he doing all this talking like Stephen A. Smith.”

Barkley and Ball are definitely two of the strongest personalities in the entire sports world, and they have butted heads from the very beginning. But Ball is now escalating the hostility to some new heights, and it will be interesting to see if and how Barkley chooses to respond.

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