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#pounditFriday, June 21, 2024

LaVar Ball says sons partnering with water company, will import water to LA

LaVar Ball Lakers

If you’re currently living in Los Angeles and are dissatisfied with the options available for bottled water, have no fear — the Big Baller Brand is planning to save the day.

In an interview with Keyshawn Johnson, Jorge Sedano and LZ Granderson on ESPN Radio Monday morning, LaVar Ball was asked how his sons LiAngelo and LaMaelo are doing academically now that he has pulled them out of school to play basketball professionally in Lithuania. As usual, he took the opportunity to pump up the Big Baller Brand and talk about how much business experience his boys are getting. He also spoke about the Ball family’s latest venture, which has to do with bottling water.

“You can get educated by just going and reading something on your own,” Ball said. “My boys have a brand. We just co-branded — I’m gonna tell you something you don’t even know — with a water company out here in Lithuania. My boys own part of a water company. Imported water, coming to L.A., from Lithuania. We had to go across the water to get the water.”

Importing water to L.A. from Lithuania seems like an unusual concept, but this is the Big Baller Brand we’re talking about. According to Ball, a partnership with a water company is just one of many big moves that are coming.

“Watch these next few moves that the Big Baller Brand makes. They gonna be amazing,” he added. “Everybody says, ‘Oh go to school, go to school.’ For what? A lot of your big business guys dropped out of school and went their own way and developed something on their own. That’s what we’re about to do.”

LiAngelo Ball left UCLA after he was suspended indefinitely for shoplifting in China. LaMelo, LaVar’s youngest son, was pulled out of high school to go with his brother to play basketball overseas.

As we know, Ball also has plans to start his own basketball league, though it’s unclear how far that is from becoming a reality. If it does, you can bet any bottles of water you see players drinking from will have a BBB logo on them.

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