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#pounditSaturday, May 18, 2024

LaVar Ball supports Lonzo covering up Big Baller Brand tattoo

LaVar Ball Lakers

Lonzo Ball has seemingly been distancing himself from the Big Baller Brand in recent weeks, but his father LaVar is trying to throw cold water on all of the talk that the company is in big trouble.

Lonzo has given numerous signs that he is splitting from the brand his father co-founded, and one of the most noteworthy was when he had a tattoo artist cover up the BBB logo he previously had on his arm. That took place following a report that the company had as much as $1.5 million stolen by family friend and co-founder Alan Foster.

While LaVar says any talk of the Big Baller Brand folding is false, he also told TMZ this week that he doesn’t blame Lonzo for covering up the tattoo.

“Lonzo had to cover that Triple B up anyway. You can’t play with no band-aid when you not even hurt,” LaVar said. “It feels weird playing like that. So, you gotta cover it anyway.”

What LaVar seemed to mean by that is he doesn’t blame Lonzo for being angry after the stunt Foster pulled. He wouldn’t confirm nor deny if Lonzo is leaving the Big Baller Brand for Nike, but he said the talk of the company folding originated when he threatened to close up shop because of what Foster had done.

“We had a meeting before the story came out, man. And, everybody was in they feelings,” he said. “What I mean by that is, we’re not really thinking. ‘Cause I told them we’re shutting down everything, ’cause I don’t want him to get nothing.”

“So, I said it was shut down. And, that’s why everybody heard what I said and was going on them things.”

If a recent social media post from Lonzo is any indication, he is at least considering the possibility of leaving his family’s brand in favor of a more reputable company. But for now, that apparently does not mean the BBB is done.

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