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#pounditTuesday, January 25, 2022

Lakers legend critical of team after 3-OT loss to Kings

Los Angeles Lakers legend James Worthy is tired of what he’s seen from the team this season. And that includes what he’s seen from LeBron James.

Following a triple-overtime loss to the sub-.500 Sacramento Kings on Friday night, Worthy decided to let loose.

“I just want to go home, man. There’s really not a lot to talk about. I mean, They were 15-for-44 from behind the arc from three. AD was 0-for-5. LeBron was 2-of-13 and that’s all they shot down the stretch was threes,” Worthy said during the Lakers postgame show. “If that’s all we’re gonna do is stand around and shoot threes, we’ve got to do more than that. That is not team basketball.”

It’s not as if the Lakers didn’t have chances. They did. Unlike the Kings however, they unraveled as each opportunity presented itself. That’s become a theme for Los Angeles here in 2021.

In overtime, the Lakers sank just one three-pointer and went 11-of-14 from two-point range. Had they continued to keep the game in the paint, perhaps the outcome would have been different. Instead, they continued to launch shots from beyond the arc despite dwindling percentages.

Like Worthy, Robert Horry has seen enough.

“I watch the game, and as soon as they get a lead, they start smiling and having all these antics not realizing the other team is watching you. And that’s fueling their fire,” Horry said, via YardBarker. “If you wanna be a championship team, you gotta come up with the grit and the grind, no smiling and just beat someone down. They’ve only won one game this year by 10 points, at Houston, and Houston is the worst team in the NBA.”

Faith in the Lakers is fading. Not just among the fans and pundits, but among their former players and NBA greats as well.

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