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#pounditMonday, April 22, 2024

Nets star makes wild claim about how much Chipotle he eats

Mikal Bridges looking on

Feb 8, 2020; Phoenix, Arizona, USA; Phoenix Suns forward Mikal Bridges (25) high fives fans while entering the court for the game against the Denver Nuggets at Talking Stick Resort Arena. Mandatory Credit: Jennifer Stewart-USA TODAY Sports

Brooklyn Nets forward Mikal Bridges may love Chipotle a little too much.

Bridges made a recent appearance on GQ’s “10 Things” series where celebrities reveal 10 items they can’t live without.

The Nets star’s 6th item on his list was a rice bowl from Chipotle. He then added that he’s eaten food from the Mexican food restaurant every day for the last 10 years.

“I eat [Chipotle] every day since 2013-14, so about 10 years. Still been on it heavy to this day,” admitted Bridges. “I have friends and family that tease me a little bit about it. It’s too fire to not have it every single time. They don’t disappoint.”

Bridges even revealed his ideal rice bowl combination: white rice, no beans, double chicken, medium and mild salsa, corn, and lettuce.

Under normal circumstances, an NBA athlete eating nonstop from a chain restaurant would probably draw criticism from fans. However, Bridges is the last player worth criticizing about staying in shape.

The Nets wing has yet to miss a game in his professional career. His streak has spanned over 400 games across 6 NBA seasons. The Villanova product is widely considered the NBA’s new ironman, taking the mantle from former Los Angeles Lakers forward A.C. Green.

The Nets did employ a sneaky tactic to extend Bridges’ streak during their final game last season. But Bridges also ended up playing 83 games during the 2022-23 campaign, so there’s arguably some buffer to justify the team’s chicanery.

If Bridges ever runs into Danny Ainge, the two will have something to talk about.

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