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#pounditSaturday, June 22, 2024

Video of Nikola Jokic rejecting Andre Iguodala’s podcast invitation goes viral

Nikola Jokic standing next to Andre Iguodala

Denver Nuggets center Nikola Jokic has a very short list of priorities in life. The list probably does not include appearing on other players’ podcasts.

Jokic isn’t known to be particularly enthusiastic or verbose whenever he speaks to the media. The Nuggets star does so to fulfill his mandatory media obligations. The man clearly just wants to hoop and tend to his horses.

Andre Iguodala might not have gotten the memo. The 1-time All-Star and current NBPA director took a chance during All-Star Weekend to try to get Jokic on his “Point Forward” podcast.

“No! Don’t do that to me. He’ll go [instead],” Jokic said, pointing to another person out of the frame.

“Oh, him too?” Iguodala replied.

“No, no. Not ‘too.’ Just him,” Jokic responded before hilariously jogging away.

Jokic has been an elusive podcast guest over the years. The 2-time MVP’s rise to superstardom hasn’t had a proportionate rise in media exposure, clearly at the Nuggets star’s behest.

But Jokic has appeared on another player’s podcast before. His Nuggets teammate Michael Porter Jr. was one of the few people who successfully convinced Jokic to appear on his show.

Given that Iguodala still hasn’t been forgiven by a handful of Nuggets fans for some decade-old drama, Jokic has even less reason to accept Iggy’s invite.

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