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#pounditTuesday, July 23, 2024

Reason why Ball brothers passed on Croatia emerges

LaMelo Ball

Younger Ball brothers LiAngelo and LaMelo are currently taking over highlight reels in Lithuania for club BC Vytautas. However, Croatia might have been the European country to land them if not for one big sticking point.

In the latest episode of their Facebook reality show “Ball In The Family” (Season 2, Episode 11), father LaVar was shown in a throwback scene speaking with family agent Harrison Gaines. In the scene, the two were shown deciding which country the two teens would sign in to play professionally. The scene revealed that Croatia was one of the two finalists along with Lithuania. But there was one deal-breaker: Gaines broke the news to LaVar that Croatia wanted LaMelo to sign a three-year deal.

“Wow,” the Ball family patriarch reacted. “I don’t even like the sound of that.”

Both LiAngelo and LaMelo would ultimately sign one-year deals in Lithuania instead are now getting heavy exposure as teammates on Vytautas. A three-year commitment might not sound like that big of a deal given that LaMelo is only 16 (as opposed to LiAngelo who is already 19). But such a deal probably would have messed up the timeline of LaVar’s grand vision for his three sons.

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