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#pounditThursday, June 13, 2024

Referees in Hornets-Cavs game screwed up call so badly on Darius Garland tech

A Terry Rozier shot

The referees in Friday night’s Cleveland Cavaliers-Charlotte Hornets blew a call so badly that it is embarrassing.

The Cavs beat the Hornets 102-101, but they got the win despite a terrible call that went against them.

Cleveland was leading 90-80 with under five minutes left. The Hornets missed a shot and the Cavs battled for the defensive rebound. Dean Wade was out of bounds when he touched the ball, stopping the play.

One official blew his whistle to stop the play and the clock. Then, three seconds later, the ball went to Terry Rozier, who attempted a practice shot from the corner.

Darius Garland, who was not playing for Cleveland, interfered with Rozier’s practice shot.

The officials gathered and discussed the play. They gave Garland a technical foul for interfering with Rozier and gave Rozier credit for the 3-pointer. They completely ignored that the play had been stopped three seconds earlier!

Here’s a better look at the entire sequence:

Crew chief Brian Forte admitted the error and said it was due to a miscommunication.

How can the refs possibly mess that call up so badly? It’s unbelievable.

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