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#pounditWednesday, December 7, 2022

Video: Canelo Alvarez nearly knocked out Steph Curry with this punch

Steph Curry tried toying around with Canelo Alvarez for a few seconds and nearly got knocked out as a result.

Both Curry and Alvarez, who are sponsored by Under Armour, are in Lake Tahoe for the American Century Championship celebrity golf event. While on the course, Curry decided to test out his boxing skills against Alvarez. Maybe Steph wanted to see just how good Canelo is. He found out quickly.

In a video clip Canelo posted on Instagram, the two take their boxing stances on the green. Curry dances around a little and then throws a left jab at Canelo, who rocks his head back to avoid it. Alvarez then feels out Curry and snaps a left jab so quickly that Curry barely saw it.

Curry found out in a matter of seconds just how good Canelo is. That was just a jab and it would have landed squarely in Curry’s face. He didn’t even see it coming.

Is there any surprise that Canelo is 56-1 with 38 KOs? He’s not someone to mess with.

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