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#pounditSaturday, January 28, 2023

Viral video of Steph Curry making full-court shots is fake

An incredible video of Steph Curry shooting some full-court shots at the Golden State Warriors’ practice facility has gone viral, but the video is a fake.

In the video, the Golden State Warriors guard makes five consecutive full-court shots. Here is a look at the video, which is so amazing it will make your jaw drop.

The video looked real, but it seems impossible that a player — even someone as good as Curry — could make five straight full-court shots. And it likely is impossible.

The original tweet from SI tagged Ari Fararooy, who is “a video director based in LA.” The director advertises on Twitter that he creates stylized “work for brands, celebrities, and events.”

In other words, this wasn’t just some video filmed by a fan or the Warriors. This was a produced video by a film director.

Keep in mind, Fararooy is the same person who made the incredible Tom Brady hole-in-one video in May that was called out for being fake.

Now that we have made it clear that the video is produced, lets appreciate just how awesome it is. They did one heck of a job making it look like Curry made all of those shots. And Curry is such a great shooter, it’s probably fathomable for some that the Warriors guard could make all those shots.

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