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#pounditSaturday, June 22, 2024

Bob Arum: Floyd Mayweather can have Manny Pacquiao rematch in Philippines

Floyd Mayweather Manny Pacquiao

Floyd Mayweather Jr. seems focused on striking a deal to fight MMA superstar Conor McGregor, so the speculation about a potential rematch between the undefeated boxing champion and Manny Pacquiao has cooled considerably. If some recent comments made by Pacquiao’s promoter are any indication, Pacquiao-Mayweather 2.0 isn’t happening.

In an interview with, Bob Arum said Pacquiao is far too busy to fight Mayweather now that he has won a senate seat in the Philippines.

“Let him come over to Manila [for the rematch] and maybe Manny will take off from a session in the senate,” Arum said. “If he comes to Manila, I’m sure the senate will accommodate Manny.”

Mayweather isn’t going to come out of retirement to fight in the Philippines. While a rematch would make an insane amount of money, Arum recently made it clear that it is not going to happen.

As for the potential McGregor-Mayweather fight, Conor seems to think Floyd needs the fight more than he does. From a financial standpoint, there’s no way that’s true. But if Floyd wants to come out of retirement and do something huge in an attempt to run his boxing record to a perfect 50-0, it won’t get much better than that.

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