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#pounditMonday, March 20, 2023

Floyd Mayweather bodyguard recounts 2018 drive-by shooting

Floyd Mayweather Jr. and his entourage were targeted in a 2018 drive-by shooting that left one of his staffers injured. Three years later, his bodyguard is recounting the event.

Greg La Rosa recounted to The Sun what happened in that drive-by shooting. The 39-year-old was driving one of three vehicles that were part of Mayweather’s fleet. They were leaving a club and pulling up to the front of their hotel in Atlanta when they were shot.

Video showed a red Dodge Durango pull up next to the Mayweather convoy and fire 12 rounds. One of the bullets hit La Rosa in his leg.

La Rosa told The Sun he didn’t feel pain at first, but later it felt like his leg was in a meat grinder. He pulled the bullet out of his leg, which left a big hole.

La Rosa told The Sun about how the shooting changed his perspective.

“You’re aware that things can happen. Mostly I was just aware of how easy it is for somebody to just take somebody’s life like it’s nothing. Like you’re just a piece of garbage or something,” he said.

La Rosa says he met Mayweather when he was one of several bodyguards assigned to protect the boxer at a BET event in 2013. Mayweather liked his work enough that he asked La Rosa to come work for him full-time thereafter.

Though the job seems glamour on the outside — La Rosa travels with Mayweather around the world on luxury vacations — he says there are downsides. His work is 24/7 in nature, which makes it difficult for him to see family or make any plans outside of work. Oh yeah, and then there is the whole part about having to take a bullet to protect your employer. La Rosa knows all about that.

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