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#pounditTuesday, July 16, 2024

Floyd Mayweather had Manny Pacquiao’s cup investigated


Floyd Mayweather Jr. apparently has concerns about the equipment Manny Pacquiao is using to protect his family jewels.

On Wednesday, Pacquiao met with state officials to have his protective cup examined. This was done at the request of Mayweather’s camp.

Pacquiao’s trainer Freddie Roach says the fighter’s cup was inspected and signed to assure it is the same one he will be wearing the night of the May 2 fight.

“They made a protest about Manny’s cup. They came to training this week, inspected it and approved it,” Roach told Jeff Powell of The Daily Mail. “The commissioner marked it and signed it to make sure it’s the one he’s wearing on the night. But it’s the regular cup.”

We have no idea what Mayweather was concerned about, but my guess is Floyd is trying to play mind games. He wants Pacquiao’s cup checked for the same reason he refused to sign off on the same failed drug test penalty — to screw with Manny. It’s the same reason he had Marco Maidana’s gloves checked before their fight last year.

It has become pretty clear that a fight between Mayweather and Pacquiao did not happen before this year because Floyd was afraid. Doing stuff like ordering a cup check is going to make people believe he still has some self-doubt.

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