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#pounditTuesday, February 7, 2023

Video: Jake Paul confronted Daniel Cormier at UFC 261

Jake Paul and Daniel Cormier have traded shots since Paul knocked out Ben Askren last week, and the two came face-to-face during UFC 261 on Saturday night.

Paul, who attended the event and was booed by fans on the way to his seat, confronted Cormier during the event. The two pointed fingers at one another and were separated by event security. Paul shared a video of the altercation on Twitter and taunted Cormier for previously saying he would smack the YouTube star turned boxer.

Cormier later told Joe Rogan on the air that he pointed at Paul and told him “don’t play with me because I’ll smack (you) in the face.”

The feud between Paul and Cormier seemingly stems from Cormier’s support of Askren, whom Paul knocked out in the first round last Saturday night (video here). Paul appeared on his brother Logan’s “IMPAULSIVE” podcast after that fight and said he would pound Cormier just like Stipe Miocic did in Cormier’s last fight last year.

“Shut the f– up, b—h,” Paul said of Cormier, via Chris Bengel of CBS. “I’ll beat the f— out of your fat a–, too, just like Stipe did. … I swear to God. I’ll beat the f— out of Daniel Cormier.”

Cormier then said during an appearance on ESPN that he would “kill” Paul and that Paul would never fight him.

Paul gained popularity on YouTube and was originally considered a gimmick, but he has earned the respect of some noteworthy people within the fight community. Any attention he receives is great for his brand, so Cormier basically did him a favor at UFC 261.

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