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#pounditThursday, July 18, 2024

Video: Logan Paul had interesting comment for Floyd Mayweather Jr. during fight

Floyd Mayweather Logan Paul

Logan Paul surprised a lot of people when he went the eight-round distance in his fight against Floyd Mayweather Jr. earlier this month, but did he ask the former champion to go easy on him? Technically, yes, but it may not have been what it seemed.

An interesting clip from the Paul-Mayweather fight went viral over the weekend. It shows Paul telling Floyd to “chill” because the bout is “just an exhibition.” You can see the clip below:

Many people interpreted that to mean Paul was afraid of Mayweather, but that was not the case. Leading up to the fight, Mayweather and his promoter Leonard Ellerbe repeatedly downplayed Paul’s ability by reminding people the fight was only an exhibition. Paul just wanted to remind Mayweather of that once Floyd realized he had to take the YouTube star seriously.

Even Mayweather said after the fight that he was surprised by Paul’s ability. There was a theory floating around based on this video that Mayweather actually held Paul up at one point, but that did not happen.

Paul did tell Mayweather that the fight was “just an exhibition,” but that was likely just his way of talking trash.

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