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Thursday, July 9, 2020

Chris Paul

Current Rocket raves about Chris Paul as ‘awesome teammate’

Chris Paul Rockets

Chris Paul’s reputation as a teammate has come into question this week as part of the fallout from his fight with Rajon Rondo.

Days after their fight led to suspensions for both players, Rondo blasted Paul, saying CP3 may have a good reputation in the media but is a “horrible” teammate. At least one Houston Rockets player has Paul’s back.

Gerald Green was asked for his thoughts on Paul ahead of the Rockets’ game against Utah on Wednesday and was nothing but complimentary. Here’s the video (beware – there are a few bad words).

“Chris is an awesome teammate,” Green said of Paul. “He’s an awesome teammate. As soon as I got here, he’s one of the first guys to welcome me in. … I’ve had a lot of bad teammates before. Chris is probably one of my best teammates I’ve had on a team.”

Green says that Paul would call him after games and that he’ll have CP3’s back on and off the court.

Though Rondo’s comments about Paul being a bad teammate have received attention, they’ve been smacked down somewhat. Rockets GM Daryl Morey even pointed out the irony in Rondo’s comments with a hilarious tweet.

Big Baby Davis chimes in, says CP3 is ‘very bad teammate’

Glen Davis

Glen Big Baby Davis played with both Rajon Rondo and Chris Paul during his NBA career, which makes him somewhat qualified to speak on them as teammates. And Davis has a strong opinion about which one is the better teammate.

Davis said on Instagram that Chris Paul is a “very bad teammate.”

The debate arose after Rondo and Paul got into a fight during Saturday night’s Rockets-Lakers game. Rondo was accused of spitting on CP3, which led to the two trading punches. Both received suspensions for their roles in the fight.

In the aftermath, Rondo defended himself and said Paul was a bad teammate. Davis agrees.

Davis, who played nine seasons in the NBA, spent his first four seasons with Rondo on the Boston Celtics. They were extremely successful at the time, winning a championship in Davis’ rookie season. By comparison, Davis spent the final two seasons of his career with the Clippers and was not very good at the time, so it’s no surprise he did not have a positive impression of playing with CP3 on the Clippers.

Ben DuBose put it in perspective.

Davis was even feuding with Doc Rivers by that point, so you can take his opinion lightly. Still, his comments add to the drama surrounding the CP3/Rondo feud.

NBA decides on suspensions for Lakers-Rockets fight

Chris Paul Rajon Rondo

The NBA has decided on the punishments for the players involved in Saturday night’s fight between the Houston Rockets and Los Angeles Lakers.

Brandon Ingram will be suspended four games, Rajon Rondo three, and Chris Paul two games for their roles in the fight.

The fight occurred in the fourth quarter after James Harden rammed into Ingram, leading Ingram to respond with a shove. Rondo and Paul then got into it, with CP3 thinking Rondo spit on him, leading him to put his hand in Rondo’s face. Rondo responded by throwing punches. Paul threw a few. Then Ingram came in out of nowhere and threw a punch as well.

NBA official Kiki VanDeWeghe was in attendance for the game and witnessed the incident. He is the one who handles league discipline for such matters.

The suspension lengths send a message that the league feels Rondo instigated, but Paul still deserved discipline for engaging and throwing punches. Ingram is being hit the hardest because his involvement in the fight was so out of place and his actions were the most aggressive and unnecessary.

Video appears to show Rajon Rondo spit at Chris Paul

The NBA is in the process of determining what the appropriate punishment should be for those involved in the fight between the Los Angeles Lakers and Houston Rockets on Saturday, and some video evidence that has emerged is not going to help Rajon Rondo.

After Rondo got into a confrontation with Chris Paul, CP3 claimed what sparked the whole thing was Rondo spitting in his face. While the live broadcast did not appear to show that, a slow motion replay that the Rockets have sent to the NBA league offices indicates Paul was telling the truth.

The Lakers reportedly took Rondo’s side, claiming that it would be almost impossible for him to spit on an opponent since he wears a mouthguard. Based on what that close-up shows, it looks like he figured it out.

If Rondo is suspended for his role in the incident, it would not be the first time he was suspended by the NBA. He was banned earlier in his career for hurling an inappropriate slur at an official, and the league could take that into consideration when determining his punishment for Saturday night’s feud.

Report: Rajon Rondo family member confronted Chris Paul’s wife after brawl

Chris Paul Rajon Rondo

The beef between Rajon Rondo and Chris Paul apparently got even more personal after their actual physical altercation on Saturday night.

The two veteran point guards traded a number of punches during the Houston Rockets’ 124-115 win over the Los Angeles Lakers at Staples Center following a fourth-quarter incident where Rondo allegedly spit at Paul. The incident led to both players (along with Brandon Ingram, who also threw punches) being ejected. Suspensions may possibly be incoming as well.

Shams Charania of The Athletic reports that a member of Rondo’s family also confronted Paul’s wife, Jada, in the wake of the brawl.

This was corroborated by the Houston Chronicle’s Jonathan Feigen, who noted that the Rondo family member made “inappropriate” comments to Paul’s wife.

The two guards are certainly no strangers to altercations with other players, but Saturday night’s incident was a whole new level of ugly, especially since it escalated to the point of their families getting involved too.

Chris Paul says he was spit on by Rajon Rondo

Chris Paul Rajon Rondo

Chris Paul is not known for getting into physical fights on the court, so you know something had to be different about Saturday’s incident to set him off. And we know what it was.

Paul claims that he was spit on by Rajon Rondo. CP3 feeling spit on led him to stick his hand in Rondo’s face, leading to a punch from Rondo that set off counter-punches from Paul and a flying punch from Brandon Ingram.

This close-up seems to show Paul closing his eyes, as if he were spit on.

Many Rockets backed up Paul after the game, saying he was spit on.

The NBA reviewed video and did not find evidence Rondo spit on CP3. It’s possible that some spit ended up on CP3 during the heat of the moment, but there did not seem to be an intentional spit. The lack of evidence of a clear spit from Rondo could be a factor in the evaluation of penalties handed out.

Chris Paul, Rajon Rondo, Brandon Ingram ejected for throwing punches in fight

Chris Paul Rajon Rondo

Chris Paul, Rajon Rondo and Brandon Ingram were all ejected from Saturday night’s Houston Rockets-Los Angeles Lakers game after throwing punches during a fight in the fourth quarter.

The incident began when James Harden bowled into Ingram as he was going to the basket. Ingram shoved Harden as the Rockets guard was complaining to the referee.

Then CP3 and Rondo got into it, with Rondo throwing the first punch and CP3 responding with a punch of his own. Ingram then came in and threw a punch as well.

All three players should expect to be suspended by the NBA for their inappropriate violence.