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Dwyane Wade

Pat Riley expecting Dwyane Wade’s decision to come by mid-August

Dwyane Wade Heat

Pat Riley is preparing for Dwyane Wade to take at least another few weeks to decide whether he will return for a 16th NBA season or retire.

In a conference call with reporters on Friday, the Miami Heat president spoke about the situation of Wade and fellow undecided veteran Udonis Haslem.

“I do believe and I hope by the middle of August, we’ll probably have a decision on both players,” Riley said, per Barry Jackson of the Miami Herald. “There has been communication with Dwyane and with his agent. It’s best that we give him some more time. He had a long trip in China that was a wonderful trip for him. I’m happy for what he did, being able to get a longterm contract with a shoe company.

“I want Dwyane back as a player,” continued the 73-year-old executive. “I want him back as a guy that wants to have the greatest year he’s ever had as a player … Dwyane is a great player, a great talent. He’s not the same guy he was in 2006, but he can be a very good player for us and can make a big difference for us. We want him back as a guy that realizes if this is going to be his last year or whatever, we want this to be his best year ever.”

The 12-time All-Star Wade is about to enter his fifth week of free agency and some earlier indications were that he might still take months to decide.

While Riley doesn’t think it will be quite that long, it goes without saying that the key will be under the mat for Wade if he wants to return for another year.

Isaiah Thomas clowns former teammates LeBron and Wade

Isaiah Thomas

Isaiah Thomas may have only been with the Cleveland Cavaliers for a few short months, but you wouldn’t know it based on the way that he carries himself on social media.

On Thursday, LeBron James and Dwyane Wade worked out together in a Las Vegas gym, and Wade posted a picture of the two of them to Instagram.

Not too long after the post went up, Thomas hopped into Wade’s comments section and clowned his ex-teammates, writing, “No invite huh? Lol guess y’all didn’t wanna lose in any shooting drills again lol.”

For Thomas, who only played with the two former Finals MVPs in Cleveland for half of a season, his wisecrack comes after Wade had this to say to him a couple weeks ago. Even if the three players have now gone their separate ways (Thomas to the Denver Nuggets, James to the Los Angeles Lakers, and Wade either back to the Miami Heat or to Retirement Island), it appears that they at least left on fairly friendly terms with one another.

Dwyane Wade might not sign until the season?

Dwyane Wade Heat

A definitive answer on Dwyane Wade’s future may not be coming any time soon.

In a Twitter Q&A session Sunday, RealGM’s Keith Smith received a question about Wade’s status with the Miami Heat and reported that the 36-year-old guard was still weighing all of his options. Smith added that could mean that Wade might not sign until the new season starts in October but did say that the last word was he wanted to be back in Miami.

The three-time champion Wade has already said that he would only return to play for the Heat. However, he is also weighing the possibility of retiring after 15 seasons in the league and has now gone over three weeks into free agency without making a decision.

It’s understandable if Wade does not want to go through the grind of training camp and the preseason again. But players who skip those months with an eye on returning once the season is underway often wind up never actually coming back (such as Wade’s former Heat teammate Ray Allen).

In any case, we know that one person who has major pull on the 12-time All-Star wants to see him return, so it may just be a question of when for Wade.

Dwyane Wade has inspirational message for Isaiah Thomas

Dwyane Wade Heat

Isaiah Thomas has seen his career take a historic tumble over the past year or so, and the end result was a free agent contract that is worth a mere fraction of what he once expected to be paid. But as far as one future Hall of Famer is concerned, Thomas has silenced his critics before and will do it again.

After Thomas agreed to a one-year, veteran’s minimum deal worth $2 million with the Denver Nuggets, Wade took to Twitter with some uplifting words for his former teammate.

Wade and Thomas were both with the Cleveland Cavaliers for a short time last season before being traded.

Thomas looked like the steal of a lifetime after the Boston Celtics acquired him from the Phoenix Suns during the 2014-15 season, and he averaged nearly 29 points per game two seasons ago and carried the Celtics into the postseason. At one point, Thomas made some now-infamous comments about how much Boston better be prepared to pay him, and those remarks are pretty embarrassing now.

At 29, health may be Thomas’ biggest concern. A hip injury kept him out for much of last season, and it’s hard for a pure scorer like him to carve out a big role if he’s playing at less than 100 percent.

Dwyane Wade has lofty ownership ambition after playing career ends

Dwyane Wade

Dwyane Wade wants to own an NBA team when his playing career ends, but not just any franchise.

Wade said in a recent interview with Joel Weber of Bloomberg that he wants to be part of an ownership group that brings the SuperSonics back to Seattle.

“I definitely want to be a part of ownership in the NBA,” Wade said. “I’m not going to try to buy a team. I don’t have that kind of bread, but I definitely want to be a part of a great ownership group. NBA Commissioner Adam Silver is all about players being involved in an ownership capacity. You’ve got players like Grant Hill involved in the Atlanta Hawks. Shaquille O’Neal is involved in the Sacramento Kings. It’s definitely something that I’ve talked about, some of my friends have talked about. But, first of all, I’d have to be retired. When that time comes…

“I want Seattle’s team, the Sonics, to come back. I think Seattle is a great basketball town. I would love to be a part of that. But I’m open — if you know somebody…”

One of Wade’s closest friends also has ownership ambitions after he ends his playing career. Maybe this is a project they can team up on.

Dwyane Wade undecided about playing next season

Dwyane Wade

Miami Heat guard Dwyane Wade isn’t sure yet about whether he’ll play a 16th NBA season.

Wade told Fox Sports Radio’s Chris and Caron on Sunday that the Heat icon is still deciding whether or not he’ll play next year, but his preference would be to remain in Miami if he ultimately does.

Ultimately, Wade has the backing of his family if he opts to play another season. It sounds like no LeBron James reunion is in the cards, though, unless the Cavaliers superstar decides he wants to return to Miami, which seems quite unlikely.

Gabrielle Union, Dwyane Wade deny story from alleged Bryan Colangelo tweet

Gabrielle Union Dwyane Wade

Dwayne Wade and his wife Gabrielle Union found their way into the bombshell report about Bryan Colangelo’s alleged social media activity, and the NBA star and actress do not seem pleased about the way they have been portrayed.

As Ben Detrick of The Ringer uncovered, one of the five burner accounts that supposedly belongs to Colangelo responded to a tweet from Union in February 2017. Union had pointed out that Tom Brady chose not to visit the White House when Barack Obama was in office, and at the time there was a possibility the Patriots quarterback would attend the White House after Donald Trump had been elected. The person running account, which has the name “Eric jr.” and handle @AlVic40117560, responded by claiming he or she witnessed Wade and Union being “nasty” to a young fan at the Beijing Olympics in 2008.

“I sat NEXT to you and [Dwyane Wade] at Beijing Olympics and saw you both being rude nasty to little kid fan,” the two tweets read. “Had to eat yr pizza. … You showed no respect to this little kid, who are you to stand on high grounds? Never looked at DW the same after that.”

Bryan Colangelo’s father Jerry, who was the managing director of USA Basketball in 2008, was in Beijing for the Olympics. The Ringer could not confirm whether or not Bryan was there also, but an excerpt from Dan Bickley’s book “Return to Gold” mentions Bryan being there. The younger Colangelo also had a role with the Olympic team at the time, as he joined USA Basketball Men’s Senior National Program Advisory Panel in 2005.

According to Union and Wade, Gabby did not travel to Beijing for the Olympics even though Wade was on the team.

The 76ers have launched an investigation into Colangelo’s alleged Twitter activity, and the GM is going to have an endless amount of explaining to do if it is determined that he is responsible for all of the accounts. He is already reportedly scrambling to address some of it, but the situation has the potential to get a lot uglier.

Dwyane Wade throws jab at Sixers’ Ilyasova over criticism of Heat fans

Dwyane Wade Heat

The Miami Heat cavalry has come for Philadelphia 76ers big Ersan Ilyasova.

Addressing reporters this weekend before the Sixers’ second-round playoff series against the Celtics, Ilyasova said that he expected a raucous crowd in Boston, unlike Miami in the first round where “the gym was half-empty.”

On Monday however, it was Heat guard Dwyane Wade’s turn to respond to Ilyasova’s criticism. Wade tweeted that Ilyasova did not know any better and that most of Heat Nation did not even know who he was in the first place.

Heat president Pat Riley also replied to Ilyasova’s dig during his exit interview on Monday and had this to say, per Tom D’Angelo of the Palm Beach Post.

In fairness, Heat fans have not exactly earned themselves the best reputation in recent years. But it’s not like the Miami Mafia was just going to let Ilyasova get away with slandering them either.

Gabrielle Union hopes husband Dwyane Wade does not retire

Dwyane Wade Heat

If Dwyane Wade wants to return for a 16th NBA season, he will have his wife’s support.

Gabrielle Union sent the following tweet in which she said she hoped her husband would not call it a career after losing in the playoffs on Tuesday. Her tweet also had an element of humor too.

Wade’s season did not start off well as he began in Cleveland and was not happy. He was traded to the Miami Heat at the deadline and thrived after returning home, having some big games even in the playoffs. Perhaps being back in Miami will make the 36-year-old feel reinvigorated and motivate him to return for another season. There has been some talk that he might want to re-sign with the Heat.

Dwyane Wade on Kevin Hart: We’re not friends right now

Dwyane Wade Heat

Dwyane Wade is putting his friendship with actor/comedian Kevin Hart aside during the playoffs.

Wade said Thursday that he and Hart are not friends while the Miami Heat are facing the Philadelphia 76ers.

“We’re not friends right now,” Wade said Thursday, via the South Florida Sun-Sentinel. “We made it very clear we’re not friends now. But we’ll be friends after the playoffs is over with. We’re not friends. I don’t like him.”

Wade should hope that Hart will be in attendance for Game 3 given what transpired in Game 2. Wade turned back the clock in an outstanding performance while leading the Heat to a road victory in a tough environment. He said after the game that he was motivated by the opportunity to stick it to Hart, who was trash talking him during the game.

Hart, who is a Philadelphia native, has been trying to associate himself with Philly sports teams, but it hasn’t worked out too well. His interference in Game 2 backfired, his attempt to recruit LeBron James didn’t go well, and he completely embarrassed himself at the Super Bowl.